Will a Holistic Center for Recovery Offer Mainstream Health Treatment?

Today, substance abuse treatment centers offer more therapeutic options than ever. Addiction specialists have learned that many patients have better outcomes when they are able to incorporate holistic practices into their treatment programs. Many treatment centers now offer yoga, gym exercise, outdoor excursions, meditation, and even massage, art, and aromatherapy as therapeutic activities clients may include in their healing and recovery process.

Some treatment centers offer a holistic-based curriculum while other offer a traditional curriculum that includes holistic elements. If you are considering enrolling in a holistic treatment center, you may be wondering how much your recovery program will vary from the services clients receive at traditional treatment centers. Keep reading to learn where holistic substance abuse treatment overlaps with traditional mainstream alcohol and drug treatment therapies and practices.

Types of Alternative Therapies Offered by Holistic Treatment Centers

Holistic substance abuse treatment programs and alternative therapies focus on treating the “whole person” in contrast to approaches that main be viewed as solely addressing more directly. Holistic rehab centers operate on the premise that addiction and substance abuse are interdependent on the individual’s overall health and well-being. Therefore, a holistic treatment center will evaluate the individual’s mindset, hobbies, spirituality, nutrition, and exercise habits.

Clinicians at holistic rehab centers may also offer alternative health services such as acupuncture, massage, sauna sessions, doctor-approved health supplements, and other treatments to help reduce physical, mental, and emotional stress and to help the individual become healthier overall. In addition to offering alternative treatment therapies, holistic rehab centers also typically provide standard substance abuse therapies clients generally receive at traditional treatment centers.

Traditional Substance Abuse Therapies Offered at Holistic Rehab Centers

One of the most widely-known treatment curricula is the 12 Steps Program. While the 12 Step approach is not the only option treatment centers offer, both traditional and holistic programs frequently utilize the 12-Step model. Holistic and traditional programs also generally provide mental health support by requiring clients to participate in therapy sessions.

Two of the most classic types of psychological therapy clients receive in rehab include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy. Both CBT and DBT are two styles of talk therapy, through which the therapist engages the client in conversation to the client challenge harmful beliefs that ultimately contribute to substance abuse. Clients at mainstream and holistic rehabs participate in group and individual therapy sessions.

Types of Holistic Treatment Programs

Like mainstream rehab centers, holistic treatment centers also offer inpatient, outpatient, and hybrid programs. Patients who have a more severe addiction are likely to be recommended inpatient treatment. Partial day programs are available to individuals who can benefit from the stability of remaining in their home environment at night while participating in a treatment program throughout the day.

Patients who have already completed inpatient treatment or those who have an addiction that is considered less severe may be able to participate in outpatient treatment, which often takes place only a few hours per week. Patients who are in outpatient treatment often attend support meetings and other community-based activities to further support their new clean and sober lifestyle. Because holistic treatment centers focus on the entire lifestyle, these types of programs usually have a duration of at least 30 days.

Do Holistic Treatment Centers Offer Detox?

Prior to beginning a residential rehab program, clients typically must complete a detox process to eliminate drugs and alcohol from their system. Some treatment centers offer onsite supervised detox. Holistic treatment centers sometimes have onsite apartments where clients reside during the detox phase. Supervised detox is important with certain addictions because substance abuse withdrawal symptoms occur as the drugs and alcohol exit the individual’s body.

Withdrawal symptoms can be so severe the client may experience vomiting, convulsions, and psychological distress. Inpatient detox centers provide medical support and monitoring to allow patients to avoid the most severe withdrawal symptoms and avoid further substance abuse. Holistic detox programs offer alternative therapies in addition to standard medical support to keep clients safe and comfortable while detoxing from drugs and alcohol.

Choosing a Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

Substance abuse treatment is not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, you may have to do extensive research and speak with multiple centers before finding the right one for you. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of choosing holistic substance abuse treatment. We will help you find a program that is compatible with your individual needs and personal interests. Call us today at 833-820-2922 and speak with one of our addiction specialists.