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It’s vitally important for addiction sufferers to understand that the only way back to life from a serious drug or alcohol addiction problem is through treatment. All of that internet self-help information has shown very little in the way of usefulness. Instead, time spent in a professional rehab center like ours is the only option that shows consistently good results.

We realize some addiction sufferers can’t or don’t want to commit to residential or inpatient care. Sometimes, that’s what keeps addiction sufferers from seeking the help they need. If you are suffering from a substance abuse problem, we want you to know there are other treatment options available.
When inpatient treatment is not possible or necessary, we can offer outpatient treatment options. Below, we are offering to educate you about outpatient treatment and what it entails.

Even when we are considering an outpatient treatment program, we have to take into account the severity of a client’s addiction. Not all addictions are equal, and we always want to prescribe the least restrictive outpatient option possible as long as the client gets the care they need.
If a client comes to us with a mild to a moderate addiction issue, we might be able to help them with nothing more than a couple of hours of therapy a week. That would be a standard Outpatient Program. This would also be the preferred option for someone who is finishing up treatment and needs a little “touchup” work along the way.

If a client has a significant addiction issue but displays a certain level of responsibility, the Intensive Outpatient (IOP) option might be the right call. With this option, the client would need to report for intensive therapy three to five days a week for four to six hours a day. If the client’s addiction is significant, their life is spiraling out of control, and they can’t or won’t submit to inpatient treatment, we would strongly recommend Partial Hospitalization (PHP). We would like to discuss this option in more depth.

While we understand a client might have circumstances that make inpatient treatment a problem, they need to understand the need for them to submit to a significant treatment option. That’s where Partial Hospitalization becomes the option of choice.
As part of a PHP program, clients can expect to spend five to seven days a week at the facility in treatment. Each day, they might be working with their therapists for up to eight hours a day. During their time in the facility, they will spend much of their time in individual therapy and workshops.

The focus of individual therapy is going to revolve around the source or sources of the client’s addiction, that which is driving them to abuse drugs or alcohol. This level of self-discovery is important because it provides the basis for developing better coping and life skills. Over time, these skills will hopefully protect them from temptation and their triggers. We also like to include some group therapy in our PHP programs. This allows our clients to learn about how others cope with their addiction issues. It also gives each client a chance to develop support resources they can use later on.

At any level of treatment, clients must follow rules. They cannot use drugs/alcohol, they must show up to all scheduled appointments on time, and they have to invest in showing progress. Good progress is often rewarded with fewer restrictions while failure to progress could lead to more restrictions or a request to seek other care. With the right treatment program, we believe every client can permanently recover from their addiction.

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