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Meet The Staff Of Seacrest Recovery Center Ohio

Seacrest Recovery Center Ohio has a staff that is second to none.  When we launched this program, we knew that it would come down to having the right people within our organization.  We have specifically chosen each member of our team to make the biggest impact on your loved one.  In addition to the highest quality education, the two characteristics we look for in our team are care and compassion.  These are the people we would send our own family members too.

Executive Team

Josh Fenster

Co-Founder & CEO

Jared Pruzan

Co-Founder & CFO

Eric Foster

Chief Investment Officer / Partner

Jared Silver

Chief Operating Officer

Jamie McKinnies

National Director of Admissions

Megan Wells


Clinical Team

Dr. Richard Nockowitz, MD

Medical Director

James Henry, LICDC-CS

Clinical Director

Eric Swayne, CDCA II


Katherine S. Bendall, LSW, LCDCIII, CCTS-I

Primary Therapist

Angela Hartman, LSW

Primary Therapist

Skye Sharpe

Counselor Intern - Cincinnati

Tracy Bellville, LSW

Primary Therapist

Patrick Warren, LICDC

Group Facilitator

Joseph Olivares, LISW

Primary Therapist

Kameron Meredith, CDCA - PRS

Client Services Coordinator

Lori Lycans, LSW

Primary Therapist

Michelle Graham, CNP

Nurse Practitioner

Justin Knable, CDCA


Carl Henthorn, LCDC


Bridgett Conkle, CDCA

Case Manager

Angela Barber, LPN


Business Development & Admissions Team

Jamie McKinnies

Director of Admissions

Kate Dawes

Director of Business Development - Cincinnati

Anna Fisher

Admissions Coordinator

Jaret Brietstein

Admissions Coordinator

Connie Haimbaugh

Alumni Coordinator

Ed Cornell

Admissions Coordinator

Kesler Tyner

Admissions Coordinator

Operations Team

Tyler Pack, CDCA

Operations Manager Cincinnati

Robbey Mock

Operations Manager Columbus

Amber Jonas

Operations Manager Columbus


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