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Residential Program

Seacrest Recovery Center’s residential program is a clinically-managed substance use treatment center conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio. Each client will be assigned a masters-level clinician to help them navigate the start of their recovery journey. Our clinicians provide person-focused care, and because we offer a low clinician-to-client ratio, our clinicians are able to provide clients with personal care to help them address their addiction and mental health issues. We offer services in the comfort of a setting that allows clients to relax and focus on what steps are necessary to improve their lives. At Seacrest Recovery, we offer both traditional evidence-based treatments and holistic options, such as yoga and meditation. Partial-hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Programming, and Outpatient treatment options also exist for continuing care after residential treatment. In addition, Seacrest Recovery offers an alumni program that allows clients to stay connected to the center and each other long after their treatment is complete. This extensive approach is offered so that you can maintain a sober, happy, and healthy life, for the rest of your life.

  • Keep your phone/laptop
  • 8-Person Occupancy Maximum
  • Personal and Group Therapies
  • Entertainment Options

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