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Addiction to alcohol or drugs can destroy a life. Ensnared in a web of addiction, it can seem like there is no escape. Thankfully, there is help. Overcoming an addiction can begin with just two words. Please help. This simple plea can launch someone who had given up all hope on a wonderful journey in recovery. One way to craft a solid foundation for recovery is through treatment. There are essentially two types of addiction treatment.

Outpatient treatment is one of the choices. Residential, or inpatient treatment, is another. Both outpatient and inpatient addiction programs can be divided further based on length of time and the level of intensity. These criteria apply to outpatient treatment models. The intensity of an outpatient program is usually graded by the number of hours of commitment required each week. Let’s talk about fundamental outpatient treatment or outpatient level-one (OP 1.0).

Frequently, it’s presumed that addiction treatment means a lengthy commitment inside the confines of a residential facility. This is not true. While there are circumstances that benefit from inpatient recovery programs, outpatient treatment can be equally valuable. Outpatient addiction treatment is reflective of its name. You are guided through a series of early recovery steps to help establish a solid foundation for living clean and sober. You will take part in this program as an outpatient.

Outpatient programs can be especially useful for first-time attempts at recovery. In addition, a standard outpatient treatment schedule can be coordinated with your life responsibilities. However, keep in mind, the critical objective is to build a foundation for recovery. Traditional outpatient programs will employ one or two counseling sessions with a licensed recovery professional. Counseling sessions are critical. They help uncover issues that invariably are at the root nearly every drug or alcohol abuse problem. Alcoholism and drug addiction are but a symptom of underlying issues. Revealing the potential emotional triggers, which metastasize into substance abuse problems, will help you avoid relapse.

Standard outpatient addiction treatment programs vary in length. OP 1.0 programs will last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months. Because they do not require the same level of life commitment that residential programs require, they can be easily adjusted to meet unique circumstances. As your time in individual counseling grows, you may uncover issues that benefit from extended counseling. It is not uncommon for individuals in recovery to continue therapy sessions long after they finish their outpatient treatment program.

Another key element of outpatient addiction treatment is the involvement in group sessions. The idea of group therapy has a proven history in helping addicts and alcoholics stay clean and sober. You will participate in one or two group sessions each week as part of an outpatient program. However, making an ongoing commitment to become involved in a recovery fellowship is strongly suggested.

During your outpatient treatment experience, you will learn a great deal about substance abuse and addiction. In addition, you will also learn a lot about yourself as well. It’s often this new introspective revelation that changes how we think. The traditional approach to outpatient addiction treatment is an excellent starting point to help you turn their life around. You will learn knowledge and be gifted with tools to help you avoid relapse. The choice for change starts with those two words of surrender. Please help. Once you start your journey in recovery, you will realize quickly that you never had to walk it alone.

Recovery can be a scary place, but outpatient treatment will help to ease that fear. If you think you have a problem with an addiction, make the call and say those two magic words. Ask for help today, because tomorrow could be too late.

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