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Substance abuse can devastate both the life of the person ensnared in its ugly web, plus those around them. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a progressive illness. The disease of addiction becomes increasingly more debilitating over time. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can end in the ultimate consequence, and ultimately death. Frequently, the addict or alcoholic have lost hope. As hard as we try, we simply cannot stay clean and sober.

We are being consumed by a sickness that continually tries to convince us that we are not sick, everyone else is. However, there is hope. One way to begin to untangle our lives ensnared in an addiction is through a treatment program. Just as there are various levels of substance abuse and chemical dependency, there are different levels of treatment. Two approaches to addiction treatment are outpatient programs vs. inpatient programs.

The difference between the two involves where you live during treatment. Outpatient is just that, a treatment program where you do not live at a residential treatment facility. There are also varying degrees of intensity for outpatient treatment. There is the traditional first stage outpatient treatment OP 1.0. While this may be sufficient to address milder situations, often a more rigorous plan is required. Remember, the ultimate consequence of alcoholism could erase any second chances at recovery.

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)is exactly as the name implies, intense. IOP addiction treatment programs will commonly require 10 to 20 hours of commitment per week. These hours are spread out across a three or four-day week. Intensive outpatient treatment programs level of intensity falls somewhere between traditional OP 1.0 and residential inpatient programs. The level of commitment for IOPs is closer to inpatient. It is often a stepping stone for individuals who have completed a residential program. It is not uncommon for those taking part in intensive outpatient programs to live in a sober living environment. This can include people who didn’t begin in a residential setting.

Frequently, there will be a psychiatric component to an IOP. Intensive programs frequently begin with a one-hour psychiatric session per week blended with another hour of one-on-one counseling with a recovery specialist. Nearly every treatment program has a group component as well. Intensive outpatient treatment programs usually require group sessions two to three days per week. These sessions can range in length from one hour to three hours. Beyond the scheduled sessions conducted at an outpatient facility, it is strongly recommended that you participate in recovery meetings. Traditional outpatient programs usually set this requirement as optional. However, IOPs frequently require a set number of meetings per week. They often ask for documentation of attendance. This isn’t a punitive tactic, but a proven and important part of successful recovery.

In summary, intensive outpatient programs for addiction recovery require a heavy weekly responsibility. You can expect anywhere from 10 to 20 hours of commitment. This may seem like a lot of time. However, let’s not forget the potential consequences of continuing the downward spiral our lives have been traveling. When faced with the option of living or dying from our addiction, the commitment begins to take on a very different feel.

If you’re overwhelmed in a life of substance abuse, everything may seem hopeless. You’re not alone. There is help available if we’ll only ask. Successful recovery invariably involves with changing our mindset. Treatment programs are designed to help begin that process. Outpatient treatment is one choice. All decisions about choosing an addiction treatment program should be made with guidance of a professional recovery specialist. Unfortunately, we must impress upon you the possible consequences of a wrong decision. If you think you may have a problem with substance abuse, ask for help. It takes just one phone call to begin a wonderful journey in recovery. You will immediately find out that you’re not alone and will never have to travel this journey by yourself. Recovery begins with treatment, and your treatment can start today. Remember, tomorrow might be too late.

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