What Are Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Like for First Time Treatment Seekers?

Any change you make in life is going to be a scary one, no matter how big or small. If you have a drug or alcohol addiction and you are seriously considering going into a rehab center for the first time, then we are betting you have a ton of questions. Remember, it is perfectly normal to worry about what happens during rehab. This is brand new territory, and you just don’t know what to expect!

Well, don’t worry. We are here to put your mind at ease once and for all. So, what are alcohol and drug rehab centers like for first-time treatment seekers? Keep reading and learning to find out more!

You’ll be welcomed from the door

While you may be nervous about your first-time, just remember that you are not alone. As a first time treatment seeker, you’re probably nervous about the various treatment options you will have and how you will get along with others. It’s also normal to be worried about having to talk in therapy, especially if you have never had the chance to do so before. The counselors and medical staff will welcome you from the very beginning. They will walk you through the specific steps concerning your treatment plan.

Since this will be your first time, you will be giving a lot of personal information in the beginning. This will include:

• Name, age, address
• Contact information, such as phone number and email address
• Emergency contact information
• Family medical history as well as your own
• Family psychiatric history as well as your own
• Your current drug use, including how long you have used and any previous attempts at quitting
• Any medications you are on, whether illegal, prescription, or herbal
• Insurance information, if any

Make sure that you are as honest and accurate as possible. The staff has seen it all before, so don’t hesitate to come completely clean. They need to be completely aware of any mental disorders that you may be dealing with, such as PTSD, bi-polar disorder, depression, or anxiety. This helps them set up a dual diagnosis for you later in therapy.

Getting through detox as a first-timer

You may or may not be given some sort of medication that will help you through the worst of your withdrawals. Since this will be your first time, make sure the doctors and nurses understand your discomfort level. They need to know how serious your withdrawals are and the level of pain you are feeling. You’ll go through detox starting the first day you come to the rehab. Once you are over the physical withdrawal symptoms, you can 100% focus on what the rehab has to offer.

Getting clean in a safe, helpful environment

It is always very important to keep in mind that everyone in rehab is basically there for the same thing. Everyone is an addict who needs help. You are all bonded in that way, meaning you can easily be there for one another when things get tough. You’ll be very involved with therapy while you are in rehab, no matter how long you have been using drugs or alcohol. If you do have a mental health disorder, the therapists will set aside private time to deal with it directly.

Learning how to function in the outside world without the crutch of drugs or alcohol is one of the biggest goals of your therapists and counselors. That’s because it can be easier to stay off of your substance of choice when you are in a clean, sober environment. It’s what happens after you leave that is so important! You will learn how to recognize your triggers as well as how to overcome them without using again. As a first-time patient, this is such a crucial step. Once you leave rehab, you will have to take on the challenges of the outside world without constant support.

Your therapists will also make sure you have a good support system in place after you leave the facility. They will help you find the aftercare you need, whether it is setting you up in a halfway house or giving you information about the local AA and NA chapters. Rest assured that they will do everything in their power to ensure you stay clean long after you are out of the program!

Don’t wait- get started on your journey today!

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