What are the Requirements for Sober Houses in Ohio?

Once you have undergone the rehab process for your drug or alcohol addiction, your treatment isn’t over. At this point, you will have to transition from your addiction treatment to living a sober life. For many, this means entering a sober living facility. If you have completed your rehab treatment in Ohio, you will want to enter a sober living facility to ensure that you can safely continue your newfound sobriety and use the tools you learned during rehab.

After inpatient treatment is over, you will want to continue with any therapy sessions you were advised to take. This is especially important if you have received a dual diagnosis of drug or alcohol addiction and a mental health condition. Sober living facilities can help make the transition from substance use disorder to sobriety easier as you prepare to go back into the real world.

What is a Sober Living Facility?

A sober living facility is a type of housing shared by other people who are going through the same or very similar situations after undergoing the drug or alcohol rehab process. Sober living means that you are now once again sober and still continuing your recovery to stay that way. Sober living facilities are in place to help people have an easier time as they transition back to their normal everyday lives.

Sober living facilities offer a safe space for people who have completed the inpatient rehabilitation process for drug or alcohol treatment. People often need to stay in sober living housing before they can officially return to their regular lives and their homes. Many feel the need to go through this safe transition before they resume their daily lives.

How Does a Sober Living Facility Differ from a Halfway House?

Many people confused sober living facilities with halfway houses. However, while these facilities are similar, they have a notable difference. While people can stay at halfway houses after becoming sober, there’s a time limit for how long they can stay. Usually, that’s a few months. By contrast, when you enter sober living, you can stay there for as long as is necessary for you. Additionally, halfway houses require people to have completed inpatient rehab treatment. Sober living facilities encourage it but don’t absolutely require it.

What are the Benefits of Staying at a Sober Living Facility?

There are many benefits that can be gained from staying at a sober living facility. While you are still going through the recovery period, the following benefits are available:

  • You get a safe living environment: A safe, sober living environment can help you to retain your sobriety and make the transition from treatment for drugs or alcohol to regular daily life.
  • You get independence and better flexibility: Sober living facilities offer you a good sense of independence and flexibility as you put the tools you acquired during rehab to good use.
  • You get a better transition: Sober living offers a better option for transitioning to your normal daily routine and life. You can move at your own pace toward returning to your normal life.
  • You can access 12-step programs: 12-step programs are often available at sober living facilities. Many people find that these meetings can strengthen their transition and newfound sobriety so that they can revisit important lessons they learned.
  • You get a good support system: You can also have access to a good, strong support system at sober living facilities. Others in the facility are in the same situation as you, which creates a bond and camaraderie that everyone needs.

What Can You Expect When Staying at a Sober Living Facility?

You can expect to have plenty of flexibility and support during your time at a sober living facility. Your schedule is built around you and you are able to do many of the regular things you do, including working, visiting friends, enjoying social activities and more. However, you’re expected to abide by a curfew at the sober living home and attend any meetings and therapy sessions that could help you continue on your journey.

Overall, there’s no set period of time that people stay at a sober living facility, but most stay at least 90 days. Whatever you feel is most comfortable for you is recommended. Some need a shorter stay while others stay much longer. It depends on your situation and your personal comfort level.

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