Is Anyone Eligible to Go to Alcohol and Drug Rehabs?

You have decided to seek help from professionals at the alcohol and drug rehab to solve your addiction habits. Congratulations! The first step towards recovery is accepting the problem and acknowledging that you need help. However, you may not be sure where to start. Like primary healthcare, rehabilitation services should be highly accessible to anyone in need of addiction treatment. Due to the stigma that surrounds substance abuse topics, information is often constricted from reaching the right target audience.

You are probably asking yourself if you are the right candidate for rehab admission. This piece will provide the information you need to determine your eligibility for addiction treatment at a drug rehab. You are eligible for addiction treatment at a drug or rehab facility if:

You are an adult

An adult is anyone who is 18 years or older. Most rehab facilities will request to see your identification card to prove that you are an adult and that the decision to seek addiction treatment is entirely yours. In the case where a minor needs treatment for addiction, they must be accompanied by their parents and guardians for admission.

You have a substance-related problem

The point of getting admitted into a rehab facility is to gain treatment for drug or alcohol dependency. Drug addiction has recently been declared a global disaster and a disease. It’s quite easy to identify that you have a substance abuse problem, especially if you can’t function independently in the absence of the drug. More tests to determine if you are indeed an addict could follow should the experts doubt your dependency problem on drugs.

You want treatment voluntarily

Commitment to treatment increases your chances of recovery and long-lasting sobriety. Drug rehabs sieve out candidates by asking individuals if the decision to undergo treatment is voluntary or forced. Should it be forced, they could first recommend therapy to convince you that rehabilitation would be your best bet. Nonetheless, in some cases, the court may order an individual to undergo treatment if their lives are in danger, not mentally stable, or a threat to other people.

You are a healthy individual

Addiction treatment involves detoxification that may tag along with some withdrawal symptoms. Usually, detox is the first phase during treatment. These withdrawal symptoms may range anywhere from severe to mild, depending on how long you have been using drugs and alcohol. You have to be of sane mind and excellent health to withstand the harsh withdrawal symptoms. In case, where you suffer from chronic conditions such as cancer or diabetes, the rehab may recommend further examination and tests from your doctor acknowledging that your health is stable enough for detox.

Means of payment

The cost of seeking treatment for addiction has been labeled a significant barrier for most people struggling with the disease. Fortunately, most institutions are gradually incorporating addiction treatment as a valid reason when seeking finances. You must be in a position to pay for the treatment either through insurance, personal funds, or both. The rehab facility will request you to fill in and confirm your payment method before proceeding with the admission process.

You are willing to adhere to regulations

Rehabs run on policies and regulations to make treatments bearable and organized. You must agree to the rehab’s terms and conditions. In this case, the rehab facility may ban certain items such as weapons, drugs, bad reading materials, and other relapse triggers. You must also be disciplined enough to follow the time schedules and programs stipulated by the facility. This helps set a serene environment for all participants. Also, some rehabs incorporate the use of faith, such as that of Christian rehab facilities. The admission process may require you to accept the inclusion of Christian learning and discipline during the treatment period.

You must be of sound mind

Cases of mental disorders coupled with addiction are quite common. Individuals deemed a high risk for distractions, violence, or suicide are often referred for specialized treatments that include psychiatric intervention. Should you have previous records of mental disturbance, the rehab will recommend that you first see a psychiatrist before signing up for addiction treatment. Some drug rehabs have dual diagnosis treatment that can handle both mental disorders and addiction treatment under one roof.

Are you eligible for treatment at the drug or alcohol rehab? These points denoted above should help you answer this question. Contact us today at 800-411-8019 to help determine if you are the right candidate for treatment at the recovery center.

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