Do Affordable Alcohol Rehab Centers Provide Quality Care?

Rehab facilities are often thought to be incredibly expensive. However, there are a variety of options for individuals searching for more inexpensive treatment solutions. From state-funded rehab facilities to free treatment centers, there are many ways to find affordable options.

While these options offer to cater to individuals recovering from substance abuse, many wonder if the level of care is comparable to other more expensive treatment facilities. When faced with the decision to go to a costly facility or a cheaper center, which choice is best?

What Kind of Care Do Affordable Alcohol Rehab Centers Provide?

Many affordable treatment options work with clients to reduce their rates or even offer free treatment. It’s important to note that though these affordable alcohol rehab centers offer reduced rates, this doesn’t reflect a disparity in the quality of care. Rehab programs that offer discounted or free treatment is just as effective as some of the most expensive rehab facilities.

Finding high-quality affordable alcohol programs requires a fair amount of research. As random searches can lead to less-than-reputable programs, it’s best to rely on trusted databases and networks to connect you with the best programs for your financial situation. Experts recommend contacting your insurance company or working with trusted professionals to find trustworthy treatment programs.

Many affordable treatment facilities are designed specifically to benefit those in need. To qualify to receive treatment from these types of facilities, you must meet certain criteria.

Most of these affordable rehab centers offer priority treatment to the following individuals:

  • Pregnant women that are IV drug users or that have other substance use disorders
  • Women that are new mothers
  • Any individual that is an IV drug user
  • Residents of the United States
  • Individuals that have medical records indicating treatment requirements
  • Individuals without insurance and no income
  • Proof that one is domiciled in the United States

Benefits of Affordable Rehab

If you qualify for low-cost rehab treatment or simply prefer to save money on rehab, there are a few benefits of these programs to consider:

  • Price The obvious advantage of choosing affordable rehab facilities is the price. As private drug programs are particularly expensive, free and state-funded programs offer clients that otherwise can’t afford expensive treatment the opportunity to receive care.
  • Care Another advantage of affordable treatment facilities is the level of care. Individuals with substance use disorders can receive care that is comparable to that of other private treatment facilities. As most of these programs have the basic support needed for the client to make a full recovery, choosing one of these programs is often just as effective as any other program.

Is Low-Cost Treatment the Best Option?

Deciding if low-cost treatment is the best option will depend on your situation. Free or otherwise affordable treatment is the best choice for many that have no other way of receiving treatment. If you have the ability to choose between low-cost treatment and other facilities, it’s important to consider the possible benefits of other treatment options.

Though there’s no doubt that affordable treatment can be just as effective, the statistics show that the success rates aren’t quite as high as that of residential or private outpatient facilities. Many of these low-cost treatment facilities use outdated equipment, have a long waitlist, and lack certain services like counseling and other resources for support.

If you’d prefer not to choose a low-cost facility for the rehab treatment, consider the following options to pay for rehab without insurance:

  • Employee Assistance Programs Many employers have Employee Assistance Programs that offer employees treatment for work-related or personal issues like grief, family issues, financial problems, and substance abuse. These programs often provide employees with free treatment or more inexpensive solutions
  • Healthcare Loans Third-party healthcare loans help individuals without insurance pay for rehab. If approved, you’ll be able to use this type of loan to cover treatment costs after you agree to pay the loan back through a series of monthly installments.
  • Health Savings Account Funds HSA funds can be used to pay for certain expenses related to drug rehab. These funds are helpful in reducing the amount you would otherwise pay out-of-pocket.
  • Credit Cards Though going into debt is not the best option for covering the cost of treatment, it is a possible solution if you don’t have any other choice.

Keep this information in mind when making the decision between private treatment and more affordable options as you consider how to cover the cost of treatment. If you’d like to discuss your options for treatment further, call us now at 800-411-8019. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day.