Does Every Person Working at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs Have a Personal Addiction Story?

Are you struggling with a very important decision? Do you believe that rehab is in your future but aren\’t sure what you should do? If you are a struggling addict and are desperate to get clean, then you absolutely should check into your local rehab as soon as you possibly can. It\’s time to take care of yourself by getting the help and guidance you desperately need. Putting off rehab, no matter what stage of addiction you are in, will not help. Even if you haven\’t hit \”rock bottom\” yet, it is still very important to find a rehab that will take care of you.

You likely have a few questions concerning the facilities you are looking at, right? Does every person working at an alcohol and drug rehab have a personal addiction story? Will they understand what you are going through and what you need? Let\’s read on to find out more.

What\’s your story?

Every addict has their own story when it comes to addiction. For example, we often hear the story of how a young man or woman was the victim of abuse when they were young, leading to alcohol use when they became old enough to steal from the liquor cabinet. We also know the story of the veteran that came home from the war and begin to use drugs as a coping method for their PTSD. Some addicts started using because their job was intensely stressful and they needed some down-time. Others get addicted to speed when they are trying to keep up in college.

While these stories all stem from hardship, there are still many other reasons why people begin to use that aren\’t as bad. Simple curiosity is one. Many young kids begin experimenting with drugs or alcohol because they are simply curious about a certain drug or drink. A stay-at-home mom may begin using drugs out of boredom from being in the house all day. Some people start abusing painkillers after a simple injury kept them in bed for a few weeks. All in all, there are dozens of reasons and excuses for why people become addicts.

Will the staff at rehab have their own story to share?

It\’s often easier to talk to someone in rehab who has been through the same types of struggles as you. However, just because a person works in a rehab facility doesn\’t automatically make them a recovering addict with their own story. Many workers are there because they simply wish to help those who need it. You\’ll see a number of staff while you are there, from doctors to nurses to counselors and more. While everyone has their own story about how they got there, it won\’t necessarily be about addiction.

While not every staff member will have an addiction story concerning themselves to share, many do get into this line of work because of someone else. That someone may have been a parent or sibling who became an addict or a best friend who simply couldn\’t stop using. You may find that a staff member has lost a loved one to addiction and is hoping to stop others from making the same mistake. They may not have gone through it themselves in many cases, but there is a good chance they know someone who has.

If you want to talk to someone who understands the struggles of addiction, a rehab facility will be the best place to go. Sure, not everyone has their own heroic battle to share with you, but you can rest assured that they have your very best interests at heart. They took the job to help addicts in need. You may be at the lowest point in your life, so you must give your therapist and doctor a chance to make you whole again. Whether or not they have their own story is irrelevant- what they can do to help you is what is the most important.

We can help!

Rehab is the first step when you realize you can\’t get over your addiction on your own. You\’ll be able to detox from the drugs or alcohol in a safe environment, under the watchful eyes of doctors and nurses. Don\’t try to do it all on your own! When you know it is time to check into rehab, we are here to make the transition as pain-free as possible. Give us a call, anytime, at 833-820-2922. Let us help you beat your addiction so that you can live a long, healthy, sober-free life!

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