Do Alcohol Addiction Centers Have Enough Resources to Handle Demand?

With the demand for alcohol rehab services on the rise, many potential clients and medical professionals wonder if most treatment facilities are equipped with the resources to handle the demand. In order for these treatment facilities to successfully provide their clients with the help they need, they need adequate funding, equipment, and staff.

With addiction steadily increasing throughout the United States, are alcohol addiction centers able to handle the demand? Moreover, are these rehab facilities able to effectively treat addiction?

Do Alcohol Addiction Centers Have Enough Resources?

When considering the many rehab facilities available in the United States, all of them are either privately funded by clients or funded by the government. Though the rehab centers that are government-funded are often more affordable, they are often lacking in resources. Alternatively, rehab centers that are privately funded tend to have all the necessary essentials to provide their clients with the highest level of care.

As public rehab centers often have limited funding and resources, private facilities provide clients with more access to extensive treatment options. Instead of being dependent on the government for funding, these private facilities are able to rely on their clients for financial support.

When deciding between a private treatment center and public rehab, consider the type of care you need. For example, an individual without a severe substance use disorder will likely not need the same level of care as someone that has a severe alcohol addiction. In the former situation, it may be acceptable for that person to be treated at a public rehab center.

Consider the following difference between public and private treatment facilities:

  • Public Rehab – Public rehab is a good option for clients that are searching for an inexpensive option for treatment. This type of rehab center is ideal for individuals without insurance, family, or friends to rely on for financial support. However, public rehab facilities face the brunt of the high demand for rehab services. With these types of rehab centers, clients are typically waitlisted before they can be treated. Oftentimes, waiting will put a client at risk.
  • Private Rehab – Though private rehab is costly, the experience will be better suited to a successful recovery. With more financial resources, private rehab facilities are able to give their clients exactly what they need to overcome their addictions.

What to Expect in a Private Treatment Center

Private treatment facilities tend to offer clients more intensive care in the form of outpatient or inpatient treatment, medically assisted detox, and support programs. Most private treatment facilities are equipped with the following:

  • A staff of medical professionals Private rehabs often offer traditional and nontraditional methods for treating addiction. These rehab centers employ a team of trained nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals that are on-call 24/7. These staff members are a crucial part of medically assisted detox programs that play an instrumental role in a client’s recovery process.
  • Expertise in treating substance use disorders Psychiatrists and psychologists at private treatment facilities have a substantial amount of experience treating substance use disorders. The best private facilities have certifications and accreditations to prove their quality of care and level of expertise.
  • A sober, safe, and private environment Private facilities are sober environments that support the safety and privacy of their clients. This dedication to creating a substance-free environment is critical when helping clients overcome addiction.
  • One-on-one support from staff throughout the program One-on-one support is an important distinction between private treatment facilities. These rehab centers provide each client with a customized treatment program that is tailor-made for their specific substance use disorder. As these centers are privately funded, they have the resources to provide each client with the type of individual care they need.

The Benefit of Private Care

When researching the treatment facilities with the most resources, consider private care. As private treatment centers have a multitude of resources, a variety of treatment options, and medical professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of care, this is a better option for most clients seeking treatment.

Though these facilities are often regarded as the most expensive, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Many clients work with their insurance, payment plans, scholarships, sliding-scale payments, or similar alternatives to afford private treatment.

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