Can I Still Get Help for Drug Addiction if I’ve Relapsed Before?

Making the right decision when it comes to drug abuse isn’t always easy. You may want to take the necessary steps to get clean and stay that way, but too many obstacles seem to be standing in your way on a daily basis. However, once you find the right treatment center and commit to getting clean, you will likely find that the road ahead is the right one.

Anyone who has ever dealt with drug addiction before, whether they have gone through it or watched someone else go through it, will tell you that it is a disease of relapse. According to studies, up to 50% of clients who have already gone through treatment will relapse again. Don’t worry if this has happened to you- help is still available no matter what. Read on to learn more about relapse.

The Reality of Drug and Alcohol Relapse

Having to worry about the possibility of relapse is a big deal for anyone going through the treatment process or who has watched a loved one deal with it. It is an unfortunate and scary part of the process. However, it is also a natural part of life for anyone who is or has abused drugs or alcohol.

For too many people, a relapse will make them feel like a complete and utter failure. You may think that there is no hope for you if you slip up and use it again. You likely feel as though you are weak and have no willpower to stay away from your substance or substances of choice. But it is very important to understand that a relapse does not automatically mean that your treatment didn’t work. It’s a simple stumble that will have to be adjusted accordingly. This usually means going back into rehab and adjusting the treatment plan you have been on.

Why People Relapse

There are many reasons why you or someone you love may relapse after going through rehab. Sure, it may seem easy to just “stay away” from drugs and alcohol once you go through treatment. After all, you have likely put in a lot of time, money, and effort after checking into a rehab center- why waste all of it with a relapse? One reason is a chronic pain condition. Many addicts became addicted to some form of medication or illegal drug because of an injury or chronic condition, such as diabetes or fibromyalgia. A flare-up after rehab can cause them to give up and jump right back to whatever drug makes the pain go away.

Another reason why you or a loved one may relapse is a habit. While a proper rehabilitation center will provide you with the steps you need to break the physical habit, breaking your mental one will be harder. You may have been doing the same drug every day for years, or you may have been stopping at the same bar every day after work for the past decade. When you are away from the action in rehab, it is easy to say no. It isn’t as simple when you are faced with it out on your own again.

Getting Help After a Relapse

The good news is this- help will always be there for you. Relapsing isn’t your fault. It simply means that you need to attack the issue with a different treatment plan. It may also mean that you need a more extensive treatment plan than before. After a relapse, it is important to get back into treatment as soon as you can. Don’t just assume that there is no hope for you when with proper treatment and time, there will be. Remember, there is no “cure” for addiction. There will always be the potential for relapse.

If you or someone you love has relapsed, call your local rehab center right away. They can help you by admitting you back into the program and re-evaluating your specific needs. Above all, do not be ashamed that you have relapsed. Every rehab center has seen repeat clients before- we can assure you that you won’t be the first.

Get the Help You Need Now

If you have relapsed and are wondering whether you can still get help, the answer is YES. We can give you the treatment that you need to be on the journey to sobriety. Call us at 800-411-8019 for more information today.