Will Rehab Centers Near Me Be Just As Effective As Ones Out of State?

Will rehab centers near me be just as effective as ones out of state? If you’ve been trying to find a drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, you may be wondering about this exact question. However, finding a quality rehab isn’t about location. It’s about your needs and what needs to be done to address your particular situation. That said, it’s often a good idea to attend a rehab out of state. The change of scenery is refreshing. It’s also free of any negative associations or drug triggers you have.

Being somewhere else may make it easier to concentrate on just you and your recovery while you’re there. There are plenty of quality rehabs in every state. The only major drawback is that some rehabs like to involve family members and significant others in your treatment. This may still be feasible with phone calls; ask about this before making a final decision to go out of state for drug recovery treatment.

What Makes a Good Rehab?

Here are some major starting points when searching for a good rehab:

  • It offers evidence-based treatment
  • If you need detox, it has an attached detox unit
  • It’s certified by a separate regulatory entity like CARF or the Joint Commission
  • The resident to staff ratio is adequate
  • They offer virtual tours
  • All treatment staff is state-licensed

Evidence-based treatment means drug treatment therapy that has been proven to work. Some of these include:

  • CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • DBT or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • ACT or Acceptance-Commitment Therapy
  • CRAFT or Community Reinforcement and Family Training
  • MDFT or Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy
  • MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment

Detox, Licensing and Schedules

If you’re still taking your drug of choice, you will need detox. Be sure they have medical detox onsite. If they don’t, either choose another place or plan to attend detox nearby first. All legal rehabs must be licensed by the state they’re in. However, the standards for state licensing are often minimal and not necessarily a good indication of a quality rehab.

Look for outside regulatory certification, not just one from the state. There should be enough staff for every resident so that each one gets the attention they require. Ask for a virtual tour. They should comply if they have nothing to hide. Ask them to email you a copy of their program. It should be highly structured and include a different schedule for weekdays and weekends, chores, support groups, time for recreation, adequate time for meals and personal hygiene and group and individual therapy sessions.

Some rehabs may offer art, music, dance, yoga, meditation, biofeedback and equine or animal therapy. These are considered alternative therapy forms and are very helpful for many people recovering from substance abuse. If these sound good to you, ask about those, too.

The facility should look comfortable, with adequate space for each resident. Their costs should be clearly stated and transparent. They should state exactly what is covered by their fee and what is considered extra and still payable by you. For example, there may be extra charges for snacks, sundries and recreation. Ask if urine screens are included in the upfront cost. These can be expensive.

Dual Diagnosis

Ask about dual diagnosis. This is a type of treatment designed to address both the substance abuse and an underlying condition, often a mental disorder of some kind. For example, if you have a history of depression, it may be fueling your substance abuse, because you are trying to self-medicate your symptoms. Most people don’t even realize they’re doing this. Not everyone needs dual diagnosis treatment, but many do.

It’s a little harder when you’re looking out of state, because you can’t just go there and see the place first. However, it may turn out to be actually necessary to go out of state for treatment if there is no facility fitting your exact needs nearby. If so, be sure that the facility has a real website with real contact numbers and a real street address. Make sure you’ve thoroughly screened your chosen facility before you go. Try not to get stuck on just one. Look at at least three before making a final decision.

We Can Help, Too

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