Will My Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Substance addiction can be dangerous, expensive, and life-threatening. Some side effects of addiction include cravings, intoxication or withdrawal symptoms, and social issues. It is important to seek treatment for any addiction at the first sign of trouble to prevent further damage to your life.

Every day, more and more Americans are discovering the benefits of addiction treatment. It’s a simple fact that drug abuse rates have been steadily rising in our country, but it is also true that there are many different treatment options available to addicts who want to quit drugs for good.

One question that people often ask themselves before they seek out help is whether or not their insurance will cover the rehab costs. Luckily, in the US, most insurers do cover some of the costs of addiction treatment, but a few things need to be considered before you can know for sure whether or not your insurance will pay. These things include:

What type of insurance do you have?

If you are on Medicaid or Medicare, then addiction treatment is probably free for you. If your employer provides private health benefits to its employees through a group plan, then some addiction rehab costs may also be covered by the policy. These provisions vary depending upon the terms outlined in each individual company’s policies and contracts with contracted providers. Some employers may even pick up part of the tab when it comes to private rehab costs, so check with yours if this applies to your specific situation. The best thing about insurance coverage for addiction treatment is that there are almost always options available. It’s important not to give up hope because finding help doesn’t need to break anyone’s bank account!

What is the diagnosis code for your insurance provider?

Once you have obtained a list of preferred providers in your area, it’s important to understand what each clinic charges. Some will be more expensive than others, but some may also offer better treatment programs and facilities that suit an individual’s needs, even if they are not cheap. If you find yourself with limited funds, there are still options available to help save money on rehab costs. Many centers accept private insurances, so check with yours before assuming that this won’t work out. Furthermore, most clinics will let patients set up payment plans within their budget limitations which can really make all the difference when to pay for addiction treatment.

What is your health insurance deductible?

This will depend entirely upon the policy you have signed with your insurer, but many providers do cover some of the rehab costs. If this is not enough to cover the full cost of addiction treatment, then it’s possible that they may also pick up a percentage of any other out-of-pocket expenses incurred as part of addiction care. It’s important to understand what exactly all these terms mean and how much coverage each plan has before going into rehab, so there are no surprises later on. A good number for most people to remember is that around 80 – 90% percent of insurers in America typically offer at least partial payment for addiction treatment facilities or outpatient programs—but only after meeting their deductibles first.

Is addiction treatment a medical necessity?

Another important thing for people to consider when it comes to rehab costs is whether or not addiction care will be considered medically necessary by their insurance provider. This means that the insurer cannot deny coverage under any circumstances and must pay 100% of any related expenses incurred during rehab (although deductibles still apply). If your treatment plan has been prescribed as being medically necessary, then you should have little trouble getting appropriate amounts reimbursed through your policy once you start receiving bills from providers. It’s usually easy enough for an addict’s individual therapist to write up a letter explaining which treatments are required in terms of specific symptoms and behaviors associated with drug abuse, so don’t hesitate to if this applies specifically to how you need your treatment to be covered. Also, don’t forget to ask your insurer about their prior authorization requirements before you go into rehab—this can save a lot of trouble later on.

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