Will Insurance Cover the Expenses of Sober Living Housing?

After successfully completing a stint in an addiction treatment facility, you deserve congratulations. It\’s not an easy thing to accomplish. However, it\’s important to remember that your newfound recovery is in its infancy. As of yet, your ability to stay sober has not been tested in the real world. It\’s one thing to stay sober in an environment that\’s geared to make sure you do so. It\’s quite another thing to return to living a normal life, knowing your addictive illness still lives within you.

For some people the transition from treatment to living a normal life is an easy process. They are the lucky ones. For other people, the notion they have to get on with living their lives without drugs or alcohol is a scary idea. That\’s why sober living homes exist.

Sober living homes serve as a bridge between rehab and returning home to the stress and responsibilities that might be waiting there. If someone is still feeling a little unsure about the strength of their recovery, the pressure of home and responsibilities could be overwhelming.

If you are considering sober living as a way to help you transition back into normal life, you would likely appreciate some information about the sober living option.

<h2>Will Insurance Cover the Expenses of Sober Living Housing?</h2>
It\’s normal to worry about affordability if your looking at the sober living option. If your addiction continued over a long period of time, it\’s quite possible your finances are in less than stellar shape. In that case, insurance might be your only hope.

Unfortunately, your healthcare insurance carrier isn\’t required to cover sober living. As far as your treatment was concerned, the Affordable Care Act of 2009 made sure your insurance company would have to cover the following aspects of addiction treatment:<ul>
<li>Drug and alcohol detox</li>
<li>Prescription medication related to addiction treatment</li>
<li>Outpatient care</li>
<li>Basic inpatient care</li>
What you don\’t see on this list is aftercare options, though some insurance companies will cover additional outpatient counseling under the premise it will help prevent expensive chronic relapses. Note: It\’s incumbent on you to verify whether or not your insurance company will help with any portion of your sober living expenses. It\’s always possible there\’s something available.

If not, you\’ll most likely have to cover sober living on your own. If you have or can find the resources to do so, it\’s certainly something worth considering because there are benefits you could derive from spending time in a sober environment. Let\’s discuss some of these benefits, which include:<ul>
<li>The opportunity to build support resources</li>
<li>The opportunity to develop more structure in your life</li>
<li>The opportunity to make decisions about needed changes in your life</li>
<h3>The Opportunity to Build Support Resources</h3>
It\’s difficult to manage sobriety without support from others. In rehab, you probably attended group therapy sessions. In the process, you hopefully created support resources among the other clients. Hopefully, you also have your family and friends for support.

The thing about recovery is you can never have too much support. In a sober living home, you would meet people just like you in many ways. You\’ll also get the opportunity to participate in 12 Step programs like AA and NA. Sober living mates and 12 Steppers are both great sources of support for someone new to recovery.

<h3>The Opportunity to Develop More Structure in Your Life</h3>
In rehab, you probably learned a little bit about the importance of structure in your life. In a sober living home, developing structure is a big part of the process. The structure you learn to live with in sober living could serve you well when you return home and have to restructure the way you live your life.

<h3>The Opportunity to Make Decisions About Needed Changes in Your Life</h3>
Depending on your circumstance, returning to your home environment might be a formula for disaster. If you need time to find a new job or locate a new place to call home, sober living is designed to give you the opportunity to make such decisions while living under less stressful circumstances. A clear mind makes better choices.

If you believe sober living is the right option for you, don\’t let the lack of financial support from your insurance company deter you. You can find ways to make it happen. If you need additional treatment as you contemplate life in recovery, please contact us at 123-456-7890.

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