Will Insurance Cover a Drug Treatment Center Stay if You Leave Early?

The length of a stay in rehab depends upon multiple factors such as the types of drugs that you use and how often you use them. While you will initially set up a treatment plan when you enter the treatment center, you are usually free to leave anytime that you want. When you are wondering if insurance will cover a drug treatment center stay if you leave early, it is best to begin by looking at the current policy and what it covers. Keep in mind that insurance is an asset for your treatment, but there are also other ways to manage the costs. Payment plans, scholarships and other types of financial aid can help you stay as long as you need without worrying about money.

You may also need to think about why you are concerned about the need to leave early. Are you worried about how you might fit in with the other residents, or do you feel that you might not be strong enough to avoid drugs completely? Either way, talking to your counselors when you come to the treatment center about these concerns can help you summon up the courage to stay for the full course of treatment.

<h2>How Insurance Companies Cover Stays at a Drug Treatment Center</h2>
Reading through complicated insurance policies can get challenging, but you need to know what your current company covers. Addiction treatment is covered under the Affordable Care Act, but policies can vary regarding how they cover residential stays. In most cases, you can expect for a significant portion of your residential stay to be covered. Your policy may also outline other forms of treatment such as outpatient care or group therapy. These can make it easier to create a plan that you feel comfortable with committing to for your treatment.

The majority of insurance companies would rather that you try to seek treatment for even a short period of time because helping you get sober allows them to potentially save money in the future. Once you are sober, you are less of a health risk since you will no longer need to worry about overdosing or feeling sick from withdrawals. You can reasonably expect that your health insurance company will cover the portion of your treatment that you did receive, even if you do decide to leave early.

<h3>How to Get an Estimate On the Length of Your Stay in Rehab</h3>
One of the reasons why you may be worried about leaving early is that you may not be sure what is even normal for a residential rehab stay. Many people think that you have to stay in a treatment center for at least 30 days and sometimes even longer. While rehabs all offer different plans, you should find that they are very accommodating. For instance, you might only need a shorter more intensive stay to end your addiction.

When you reach out to a drug treatment center, they can help you determine how long you might need to stay. This is done by taking an inventory of your health, current habits and past experiences with counseling. This is also a great time to let the staff know about any apprehensions that you have. If you prefer a shorter stay, then they may be able to work one out for you. Knowing what to expect helps to alleviate the anxiety that you feel about not being able to stay.

<h3>Why It Is Important to Finish Your Full Treatment Plan</h3>
You’ll hear different variations of the concept that it is important to take things one day at a time in rehab, and they all apply to this case. Right now, you may be thinking too much about what being in a treatment center is like. In fact, you may not even be able to see the full picture just yet.

Drug treatment centers are set up for your comfort. The staff only cares about helping you to get sober. Make the decision to be open with your counselors, and commit to trying their strategies for at least the first several days. You’ll often find that you start to feel better a few days into the program, which makes the rest of your stay more manageable. If not, then talk to the counselors before you walk out. They may be able to help you identify options to continue your care that insurance will cover such as trying intensive outpatient therapy.

Are you still trying to figure out how the length of your stay affects your insurance coverage? Call us today to begin planning for your treatment.