Will I Be Prescribed Medication at Rehab Centers for Drug Addiction?

The one thing that concerns a lot of addiction sufferers who go looking for treatment is what to expect from said treatment. For people that have not been through the experience or been around others who have been around the experience, it’s a bit of a mystery. Oh, there have been movies and TV shows that have dealt with the subject matter, but nothing is the same as reality.

Keeping in mind your addiction might involve prescription medications or illicit drugs, you might be curious about the use of drugs in the treatment process. That’s actually a reasonable concern. By the way, you might be curious because you expect or have heard medications are used as part the process.

In the sections below, we want address your concerns. We will discuss a bit about the treatment process and the points during treatment when prescribed medications might come into play.

The Addiction Treatment Process

When an addiction sufferer finally makes the decision to stop using and seek help, they’ll need to align themselves with a reputable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. It’s the only reliable option someone has if they really want to get past their addiction.

Upon entering the rehab facility, the facility’s intake personnel will do an interview to determine the scope of the client’s addiction. When the client’s addiction can reasonably be classified as moderate to severe, they will likely need to spend time in a detox program. This will give them ample opportunity to go through withdrawal with support and protection.

After the detox process has been completed, it’s off to therapy. This is the point in time when the client will deal with all aspects of their addiction. Hopefully, that will include figuring out the root causes of the addiction, which should lead to the development of the coping and life skills the client will need to stay clean in the future.

Will I Be Prescribed Medication at Rehab Centers for Drug Addiction?

Most tradition drug/alcohol addiction programs hold the possibility of medicinal intervention. Rest assured, the rehab facility’s staff members would love to see all their clients get through the entire treatment process with as little medical intervention as possible. There’s even holistic treatment centers that refuse to use prescription medications.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for clients to complete treatment without needing some kind of prescription medication. Below is a list of the three primary reasons a rehab facility doctor might prescribe medication during addiction treatment. We will then discuss the three primary reasons in a little more detail:

  • Keeping the client safe and comfortable during withdrawal
  • Addressing preexisting medical conditions
  • Addressing preexisting psychological issues

Keeping the Client Safe and Comfortable During Withdrawal

Significant addictions to substances like opiate painkillers, heroin, and even alcohol can expose the client to the possibility of equally significant withdrawal symptoms. Given some withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and dangerous, there’s usually a detox program doctor standing by, monitoring each client’s progress. If any client shows signs of discomfort, the doctor has the option to prescribe relief medication. Understandably, it’s a rather tenuous process to prescribe drugs, especially drugs for pain, to someone with drug addiction. That’s why it’s only done when absolutely necessary and under a doctor’s close scrutiny.

Addressing Preexisting Medical Conditions

If a client enters rehab while under the care of a physician for heart problems, breathing problems or any other myriad of medical conditions, it’s likely said clients will eventually need their prescription medications renewed. That responsibility would fall on the rehab facility’s medical staff’s shoulders. Hopefully, the client’s medication is not the same medication that serves as the source of the addiction. In such cases, the doctor might decide to prescribe an alternative medication if one exists.

Addressing Preexisting Psychological Disorders

If a client enters rehab with a psychological or mental disorder, there’s a good chance they need prescription medications. Again, it’s a rather tenuous situation if said medication is the source of the addiction. If such is the case, there are three options: find an alternative medication, try a holistic treatment approach or try to treat the psychological/mental disorder at the same time. That’s actually called dual diagnosis treatment. If you suspect you might need medicinal intervention during treatment, you need not be concerned. Our doctors will carefully plan the proper way to administer said medications. Your responsibility is to call us at 800-411-8019 and do what’s necessary to get yourself into our facility for quality treatment.