Will an IOP Program Near Me Help Me Cope in Time for Next Semester?

There is never a convenient time for someone to try to take care of an addiction issue. It\’s something that needs handling as soon as the problem becomes evident. Unfortunately, it takes some people months or even years to come to grips with the idea they have an addiction. Meanwhile, their lives are slowly crumbling around them, which is far more inconvenient than trying to address the issue.

The fact you are reading this information indicates you might be a student or teacher. You are in the middle of a semester break and might be thinking this is the right time to consider treatment. You are thinking to yourself this is your window of opportunity to get treatment.

To be clear, there is never a wrong time to get treatment. If you have a substance abuse problem, addressing that problem should be your number one priority. If that\’s not the case, you can certainly choose to wait a little longer. However, there will eventually be a reckoning. It\’s just a matter of time before you hit rock bottom and find yourself out of options. You have to get treatment now or risk serious consequences later. Since you are thinking about treatment now, why not start calling rehabs? The sooner you submit yourself for treatment, the sooner you can get back to living a normal life without drugs or alcohol.

To be fair to you, it\’s understandable why you might have concerns about starting treatment while school is in session. You probably have a lot of time and effort wrapped up in your schooling and don\’t want to stop your learning momentum. While that sounds responsible on the surface, you have to ask yourself one important question: \”is my addiction inhibiting my ability to learn what I need to learn?\”

If you were being honest with yourself, you would probably admit you are not doing the best you can in school. If you think otherwise, you might be denying yourself the truth. That\’s not a good ideal. Reality has a habit of cutting through denials when the individual least expects it.

Right now is when you seem to have the capacity to still make rational decisions. That\’s why we want to tell you how you can deal with your addiction while still pursuing your education.

Will an IOP Program Near Me Help Me Cope in Time for Next Semester?

First, IOP is an acronym for \”intensive outpatient treatment.\” It\’s a treatment alternative that allows people to go through treatment while still being able to handle their personal issues at home. If you were willing to agree to go through an IOP program, you would need to report to rehab as indicated by your treatment schedule. A normal IOP treatment program includes the following:

  • Reporting for treatment 3 to 5 day a weer
  • Spending 4 to 6 hours a day in therapy
  • Dedicatong your treatment to intensive one on one therapy
  • Attending therapy sessions for up to three months, maybe less

While all of that might seem prohibitive, it\’s peanuts compared to the time and effort you are likely wasting because of your addiction. Think about it: how much time disappears each day while you are under the influence? How much money do you spend on drugs or alcohol? How much time do you spend obsessing over finding and using your substance of choice?

To answer the titled question, you will need to devote up to three months in an IOP program. You probably can\’t get through treatment over one semester break. However, your therapist will work with you to develop a treatment schedule that fits around your schooling obligations. As long as you stick with the schedule put forth, your coping abilities should improve as the next semester progresses.

Now, it\’s up to you to decide how serious you are about getting treatment. Convenience should not be your top priority. You need to put your health and wellbeing in that spot.

Regardless of when your next semester starts, you can start helping yourself right now. There is no better time. If you are serious about addressing your addiction problems, you should call one of our staff members today. You can reach someone by dialing 833-820-2922. The voice on the other end of the call can tell you what we do and how we do it. Once you start treatment, you and your therapist can create a schedule that works best for you.

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