Will Alcohol Rehabs in Ohio Save My Marriage?

Alcohol abuse is mostly mistaken for a hereditary disease. However, the fact remains that alcohol abuse is a learned habit and choice rather than a “disease.” Most marriages will suffer when one of the partners becomes an alcoholic. You have probably taken front row seats and seen alcoholic addiction make major damages on even the most near perfect relationships. Most marriages suffer from infidelity, rampant lying, isolation, violence, and mismanagement of funds, all thanks to excessive alcohol intake. Luckily, alcohol rehabs have proven to salvage these infected marriages by helping alcoholics recover. Here’s how alcohol rehabs will save your marriage.

How alcohol rehab works

Depending on the severity of alcoholism, you may sign up for inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment. If you fall on the excessive side of the alcoholism scale, the inpatient alcohol rehab will work best. The inpatient rehab program lasts for about thirty days. The recovery program is personalized to meet your needs while you are encouraged to participate in both group and individual therapy sessions. These therapy sessions are targeted at helping you understand yourself better, reasons behind your alcoholism and how to solve the addiction.

A lot of social stigmas often surround alcohol addiction, and many addicts dig deeper into alcoholism while trying to run away from this “shame.” Rehab provides a haven and needed privacy for you to heal and recover from your alcohol addiction. During your time in the rehab, you will reside in a comfortable, stigma-free, and safe environment where all your medication, nutritional, and health needs are met. The environment should provide clean space for you to begin your healing journey without falling back into addiction. You are likely to interact with people suffering from the same addiction as you, and it should give you hope that you aren’t alone in the battlefield against alcohol addiction. You will learn coping modes and skills to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and resist from falling back into the alcoholism menace.

Can alcoholic rehab save your marriage?

After recovery from addiction, you will experience a change in behavior. You are likely to think clearly before making drastic decisions. Your behavior and choices will fall more towards the positive side. However, this doesn’t write off your behavior and damages made when you were an alcoholic. To redeem your marriage, you might want to apologize sincerely for all the mistakes made during addiction.

Certain rehab programs are tailored to mend family relationships through family therapy. During this recovery process, invite over your spouse for therapy sessions to help them understand how apologetic you are. You might also want to continue attending these sessions after returning home from rehab. Working with a qualified therapist who specializes in alcohol abuse treatment will aid both you and your spouse to recover and encourage you to work on the challenges in your marriage even after sobriety.

Outcomes from attending rehab to save a marriage

The primary purpose of rehab is to help you recover to your normal medical and psychological state, if not better. Rehab doesn’t necessarily save a marriage; it saves you first, then the rest comes later. Until you are in a stable state to make informed decisions, your marriage will continue to face a perpetual storm. It starts by acknowledging that you have an alcohol problem and you are ready to fix it.

In acknowledging that you are an alcoholic and you want to fix it, your partner may find it in themselves to support you through the journey voluntarily. In rehab, you will begin the healing process and acknowledge your mistakes made during the drinking phase. All these changes should help your partner realize your efforts to save yourself and your marriage. If they feel the same about saving the marriage, rehab should be the right place to recollect and begin the healing journey together as a couple.

Regardless of your efforts as an individual to save yourself and the marriage, it requires two people to salvage it. Alcohol rehab will not automatically salvage your marriage and drive you back to the honeymoon phase immediately after addiction recovery. However, it gears you into the right direction, equips you with skills to handle each other with care, and keeps you clear-headed to avoid making similar mistakes that left dents in your relationship. If you and your loved one are struggling to hold on to your marriage due to your alcoholism, call us at 800-411-8019 to help you get back on track. It’s never too late to recover.