Will a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Do Regular Drug Tests?

Drug and alcohol rehab centers are places of hope for millions of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. They are filled with caring healthcare professionals with years of experience combating the most ominous cases of drug abuse. Whether you have a heroin, meth, or benzo addiction, these places are safe havens, completely free of drugs and alcohol. Herein lies the heart of rehab drug testing programs. These drug tests exist, usually in a random fashion, so that the rehab can ensure that everyone is safe from the presence of drugs and alcohol. They also regularly drug test their staff to ensure that no one is using on the job.

It’s a communal effort to keep everyone in an environment that’s safe. It’s not difficult to see why the presence of drugs and/or alcohol would completely destroy a rehab’s credibility and compromise its safety. Drugs kill thousands of people every year, and the people who go into inpatient rehabs often are in the most danger of one day dying from an addiction problem. Anyone using drugs in this kind of facility would put everyone at risk of relapsing, and they would compromise the drug-free environment. Drug tests are how they keep out this danger.

Random Drug Testing

Drug rehab will drug test on both a random schedule of everyone in the facility, and they will sometimes do a drug test on a single resident if they suspect that the person is using drugs or alcohol. It’s hard to believe, but they’re actually are instances where a resident will use even in an inpatient detox. They might have a friend bring in something or they might have somehow slipped drugs through the door when they came in. An individual drug test is sometimes a tricky thing for a rehab center because a resident might protest being singled out, and sometimes it turns out that the person wasn’t using at all. In these cases, the facility should go out of its way to explain why they performed the test and how it’s for the safety of all. Healthcare professionals are compassionate workers, and they care very much about their patients. Because of this, they genuinely want everyone to be safe, and drugs in drug rehab are far from safe.

A Good Policy

Regular drug tests are usually implemented in drug rehabs. Few short-term or long-term programs will lack a standard drug testing policy, usually random. If it’s a long-term program, they may not drug test everyone every month, but rest assured, the random drug test will eventually roll along, and because it’s not scheduled and no one knows about it, they have their best chance of being able to get an active drug user out of the rehab environment for their own safety and the safety of all involved. Many people worry if these drug tests are confidential. Rest assured that random drug testing done by rehabs are completely confidential and will never display or report their results to anyone outside of the rehab setting. Doing so would be a major breach of patient confidentiality, and drug rehabs typically have a staunch confidentiality agreement with patients, not to be broken for any reason. Since the random drug tests are confidential and applied to all, they’re fair.

The First Step Toward Hope

People with substance abuse problems have a tremendous source of hope at their fingertips at all times. Drug rehabs are safe havens, places away from the environment they used in, and completely drug-free. It’s a safe, secure environment to recover in, allowing for spiritual growth, renewed physical strength, and a time of self-exploration that will leave them more in touch with themselves than they were even before addiction. Growing into a new person during recovery is a rewarding experience to watch. Drug rehabs maintain their policies, always, with the best interests of the residents in mind.

They want everyone to have moments of fun, emotional growth, and togetherness, but they also want them to do so in a way that’s completely drug-free. Because of this, you may have random drug testing performed in the form of a urinalysis at one or several points during your stay in rehab. Once again, it’s for the best of all that you comply with these regular drug tests. The best way to make them pleasant is to remain drug-free in the rehab facility. If you want to get help today, our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 800-411-8019.