Why Is AA Always Recommended for Drug or Alcohol Treatment?

We live in a world full of ups and downs. Sometimes, we encounter seemingly intimidating problems that cause us many sleepless nights. Alcohol addiction is one such challenge. Dependence on alcohol robs us of many beautiful moments that life has to offer. We can, however, start all over again by revealing our stories to one another.

Talking about issues that affect our lives is the first step towards finding freedom. Fortunately, Alcoholics Anonymous is here to provide a platform to discover new ways of living. Formed by individuals who had similar experiences trying to rediscover themselves after being victims of alcoholism, it is now a global connection of alcoholics who, by any means, wish to seek refuge from the devastating alcoholic world. The organization managed to create a blueprint applied internationally by various organizations on how substance abuse can be treated.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of both men and women having difficult times finding a cure for addiction to substance abuse, including alcohol and drugs. It is a group seeking to enable you as an individual to free yourself from the bondage of addiction and alcoholism.

The group believes that your persistence dramatically influences the treatment of addiction or alcoholism and the recovery process in seeking spiritual enlightenment. Moreover, a twelve-step program aims to offer a helping hand to enable you to recover from drugs and alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous members comprise mostly of individuals who have accepted that alcoholism has negatively influenced their lives and would like to find solutions for a new beginning.

Once you become a member of the AA group, you get an invitation to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Reading of AA literature equips you with guidelines to create a different path for your life. Also, members get access to principles that lead them towards living an alcohol-free life through the sharing of past and present experiences.

Structure of Alcoholic Anonymous Group

Groups are the building blocks of AA. The groups prove to be the best way of treating drugs or alcohol addiction. Each group stipulates its ways of conducting meetings. However, the General Service Office also dictates how such groups should operate uniformly. Group socialization provides tribune to members who tell and retell stories that motivate other members during the healing process.

Since joining AA does not require any kind of formal application, you are entitled to assistance by attending meetings held in various cities in the country and globally. We encourage new members to participate in such meetings as they can be immensely helpful in the recovery journey. Types of AA meetings include:

• Beginner Meetings; for anybody who feels he or she has an issue with alcohol addiction
• Closed Discussion Meetings; meant for AA members or any individual who has drinking problems and would like to find a solution
• Open Meetings are accessible to the public, whether you are an AA member or a newcomer
• Literature meetings are meant for discussing the different topics associated with alcoholism while drawing facts from the twelve-steps program

Despite Alcoholics Anonymous not being affiliated to any other religious organization, it firmly holds the perception that in the process of seeking recovery from drugs and addiction, you need the assistance of a supreme being. We at AA also believe that it is not through our strength that we achieve recovery against drugs and alcohol but through the power of God.

The founding fathers of AA were guided by a power far higher than themselves and it is for this reason that we also seek spiritual enlightenment on our road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Besides, AA is not an organization governed by a chairperson who dictates everything to his or her juniors.

Our structure is purely non-hierarchical and seeks supreme guidance, not from the human perspective but a spiritual one. Be that as it may, you do not have to believe in the godly power specifically, but provided it is a power higher than you. Further, find no obstacle trying to understand the spiritual aspect of our programs; instead, be honest while finding ways to recover.

Alcoholics Anonymous is an advisable way of treating drugs and alcohol addiction. It is an international group that provides persons, regardless of their backgrounds, with ways of sharing their stories. This can be instrumental in helping a more significant population find treatment. Want to rediscover yourself and start it all over again? Feel free to reach us at 833-820-2922.