Who Works at Outpatient Centers?

If you have an alcohol or drug addiction problem and want to get help, you may wonder who will be helping you. If you choose an outpatient facility, who will be with you each day helping you process the emotional, mental and physical aspects of getting clean or sober? At our treatment center, we only hire the best care providers who can work with you in an outpatient setting to help you overcome your addiction.

We have doctors, nurses, therapists and support staff ready to help you on our journey towards a sober and clean life. These team members all work at our outpatient center and are the backbone of our program. Our team members help our patients with a wide range of services including: clinically managed detoxification, medical care, dental care, individual and family therapy, mental health care, job training and ongoing recovery support.

<h2>Our Doctors and Nurses</h2>
Our doctors and nurses all have medical licenses and experience working with patients struggling with addiction. These medical professionals will be onsite to provide medical and dental care. We are responsible with detoxification and have all patients under medical monitoring as they detox. We want to make sure that you leave our outpatient center with better health and we want to address underlying health issues as well as health issues due to your addiction. Regardless of your addiction stage or detox stage, our doctors will create a custom plan for you. Nurses are onsite to help carry out these treatment plans and to provide additional medical support as well as administer medicines.

<h2>Our Therapists and Support Staff</h2>
All of our therapists are licensed, hold degrees and specialize in the field of addiction treatment and recovery. Our therapists specialize in helping people who are struggling with addiction. They are compassionate, empathetic and supportive as well as honest, action-oriented and systematic. You will find that our therapists know how best to support you and help you through this difficult time while also helping you make plans for your new future. Each therapist has their own modality and treatment style. Our therapists want to help you build new habits, address underlying mental health concerns and review behavior and thought patterns. They will work with you at our outpatient center to discover the best way to move forward and to do the work required to overcome addiction.

The support staff at our facilities are committed to helping you with your day-to-day lifestyle in the program. They can answer questions about your schedule, help you with any concerns, answer questions and take care of your immediate needs at our facilities. The support staff is like an ongoing customer service agent designed to make your life more comfortable during treatment and ensure your questions are answered. All of our support staff has been chosen based on their interest in helping others. Many of our support staff professionals have had a loved one struggle with addiction and are compassionate towards all of our residents.

<h2>Outpatient Center Advantages</h2>
Outpatient centers are more affordable compared to inpatient centers. They also allow patients to stay involved with family and friends while working towards their sobriety. Our outpatient programs, however, are intensive and include hours of daily treatment. They are similar to inpatient programs, but provide more freedom to patients while also providing a more affordable option. For many patients, an outpatient center allows them to continue treatment for a longer period of time because of the cost differential. This is beneficial for patients because continued psychological care is a critical component in sobriety and staying clean. We find that patients who continue to receive psychological care are more likely to remain clean and to succeed in creating an alternative lifestyle. Support is necessary when you are working through a challenging situation such as addiction. Our outpatient treatment programs allow our patients to receive ongoing support during and after their initial recovery.

Ready to start your path towards a sober, fulfilled life? Contact us today to learn more at 123-456-7890. You deserve to get the best treatment and support as you detox. We can walk you through this process and provide you with the resources you need to thrive.