Which Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Have The Most Positive Reviews?

When you have made the decision to overcome your addiction, you want to choose the best rehab center for your needs. You may feel overwhelmed by the number of rehab options that are available in the Columbus area. Your search may lead you to ask which treatment centers have the most positive reviews. The following suggestions will help you narrow your search for a treatment center as you begin your life in recovery.

There are several factors people who are entering recovery should consider when choosing a rehab program. Treatment centers generally have intake specialists who answer potential clients’ questions and provide insight into how their particular rehab facility operates. In researching your options, you should speak with each rehab center’s intake specialist to voice your concerns and ask about the facility’s program offerings, amenities, and treatment modalities.

Client-Focused Service

Rehab centers are in the business of serving others. Therefore, the top-ranking treatment centers have a strong reputation for delivering client-focused service. When a prospective client makes an inquiry, these centers have staff members that are attentive, courteous, and professional. Their intake counselors are warm. They communicate in a manner that makes the prospective client feel comfortable asking questions. An attentive intake counselor will inquire about the prospective client’s individual needs, questions, and concerns about the rehab process to help the client determine whether a particular facility is an appropriate match.

Supportive Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

Most Ohio drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient treatment is also referred to as residential treatment. Most people who are new to the recovery process are recommended to enroll in a residential treatment program. These programs introduce clients to the recovery process in a safe, secure setting that is separate from the client’s day-to-day environment.

Separating from the daily environment allows the client to focus on recovery while avoiding everyday stressors and potential triggers that may otherwise cause relapse. In addition to addressing the underlying reasons for abusing drugs or alcohol, the client will also learn the skills he or she needs to safely and confidently transition from the treatment facility to daily living outside of the controlled setting.

While residing at the treatment center, the client receives all meals and therapeutic services. Rehabs also often organize social activities for residential clients. Outpatient programs may be recommended to clients who have graduated from a residential treatment program or to those who would benefit from being able to return home every day after receiving treatment. Outpatient clients generally have stable home environments and a strong support network that actively supports them in staying clean and sober. Even though outpatient clients do not reside onsite, the rehab center still offers a high level of support.

In more intensive rehab programs, the client attends therapy sessions and participates in treatment-related activities from morning until evening, when the client is permitted to return home only to sleep. An intake specialist can help you determine whether outpatient treatment make be the best option for you.

Ongoing Support After Treatment

The most highly-rated programs create a plan for each client and provide continued support beyond treatment. While receiving treatment, most high-ranking rehab centers connect clients with recovery groups that host weekly meetings of like-minded people who can personally relate to the addiction and recovery process. Clients generally establish the habit of attending regular meetings while they are in a treatment program.

Beyond group meetings, the best rehab facilities place clients in transitional or sober living environments if they are not yet ready to fully return to daily life outside of a structured recovery environment. Many rehab centers also support their clients remain in recovery by helping in other areas including securing employment, housing, transportation, and health services. If you or someone close to you has decided to get clean and sober, we can help you find the right facility. Rehab centers are available to Columbus residents of all backgrounds and income levels.

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