Where Can I Find Outpatient Treatment Centers Near Me?

Acknowledging the need for help is the first step in recovering from an addiction, and if you’re at the point of researching outpatient treatment centers near your home, you have then taken that commendable first step. You can pursue a variety of paths to find the right outpatient center for your needs.

Inpatient Treatment Program

If you’ve ever been in an inpatient treatment program, you can speak with a representative from that center to learn about resources for continued support. Also, in the event that you’re nearing the end of a stay at an inpatient center, speak with a counselor or other staff member to gather information about how you can continue on this journey.

Doctor or Therapist

Your physical or mental health professional should also be able to give you recommendations for local centers. Asking your doctor for information about outpatient treatment centers can feel awkward. However, keep in mind that if you regularly visit your physician, this professional is likely already aware that you are or may be struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Mental health professionals typically are good resources for information about local outpatient treatment centers.

House of Worship

If you are a member of a house of worship, you could find out if the entity is affiliated with any outpatient treatment programs. Even when the house of worship itself does not sponsor such a program, these spaces often act as meeting areas for addiction treatment groups. You may be wondering how you can connect with a house of worship if you aren’t currently a member. There are a number of ways in which you can do so:

  • Call your childhood house of worship for information.
  • Call a local house of worship for information.
  • Attend services at a house of worship. Ask a staff member questions.
  • Read the newsletter for a local house of worship to see if any addiction treatment resources are included.

School Support Services

If you are enrolled in school, you may be able to talk with a guidance counselor there about local addiction treatment resources. Do keep in mind that some individuals at schools, from early elementary centers to the university level, are mandated reporters. In other words, sharing information with certain individuals could mean that they are required to report those details to other entities. You can potentially look up confidential resources at your school.

Search Online

One more private way to find outpatient treatment centers near you is to search online. Researching in this way also allows you access to immediate reviews. You can look up an outpatient program to learn about its features. Then, you can potentially read reviews from current or past clients.

Loved Ones

Opening up to your relatives and friends about addiction can feel scary. Keep in mind, though, that the people who are closet to you may already have a strong sense that you’re struggling with addiction. Opening up can help you to feel a sense of relief and can also assist in finding a suitable outpatient treatment center. In sharing your own story, you might learn that one of your loved ones also struggled with addiction and has a recommendation for outpatient treatment. You can also ask for help in finding a program that is right for you. You may discover that loved ones are eager to aid in your recovery. In your search for the right outpatient treatment program, seek to have an open mind.

You might, for example, find a program that encourages meditation or participation in creative activities as strategies to recover from addiction. Trying out a new activity can be just the opportunity that you need to feel rejuvenated and to have success. You can also select a more traditional program that incorporates both individual and group therapy sessions. Know that you have options and that you can find a program that fits your personal needs. Call 833-820-2922 to learn more about the possibilities.