What’s the Most Difficult Part of Treatment at Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers?

Making the decision to head to a drug and alcohol rehab is never an easy one. Whether you are a first-time patient or have already been through a program, it isn’t easy to make that step. You may be wondering the following- what’s the most difficult part of treatment at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers? While the answer may be different depending on the individual in question, let’s break it down piece by piece. You may be worried about rehab when you don’t have to be!


Many patients fear detox the most when it comes to rehab. In fact, going through withdrawal symptoms is one of the biggest fears for patients. You may have been using for years and are scared of what will happen when you are forced to stop during your program. It’s a valid concern that should always be addressed before you sign up for rehab.

Yes, detox can be difficult. But you may be given medication to lessen the feelings of withdrawals. You’ll be closely monitored to make sure you are always feeling well. You will be detoxing in a safe environment, surrounded by medical staff who will constantly check up on you. We can also assure you that it will be much more difficult to detox if you try to do it on your own. Talk to former patients if you are worried. You’ll likely hear nothing but praises when it comes to detoxing in a reputable rehab.

Private Therapy

Every rehab program will include therapy sessions. Private therapy, where you will talk one-on-one to a counselor, is a very important part of your stay. You’ll learn how to manage in the outside world without the use of drugs or alcohol. You’ll also talk about any underlying mental health problems you may have and how it may affect your addition.

You may be worried about having to speak with a therapist. For many patients, this is the first time they have had to speak to a professional about their problem. We can assure you that everything will be fine. It might be difficult in the beginning, sure. Everyone has trouble opening up to strangers. But our caring, helpful counselors are here to give you the best treatment possible. You’ll leave therapy with a lot of answers and wonderful suggestions to fall back on once you are out on your own.

Group Therapy

Many people immediately shy away from rehab because they know that group therapy is a big part of the program. They don’t want to have to talk about their problems in front of others, or they may simply be scared of talking in public. In fact, public speaking is one of the top three fears men and women have. It can be terrifying to think about talking to people you don’t know.

While group therapy sessions may be difficult at first, you’ll find that they become easier as time goes on. As a newcomer, most counselors will usually allow you to sit and observe the first one or two sessions. You will never be forced to participate or pushed into speaking when you don’t want to. However, we can almost guarantee that you will wish to join in after a couple of sessions. Group therapy allows you to speak with others who are dealing with the same issues as you are. You’ll feel a sense of belonging and acceptance once you start participating.


While there may be difficult times during rehab, some people are worried about what will happen after they are through with the program. You may be wondering how you will function in society again or how you will avoid the triggers that cause you to want to pick up a drink or use a specific drug. Don’t be scared! Life is difficult, and there is no denying that. But rehab will give you the tools and power you need to take control of your life from then on. You may attend different therapy sessions after you leave rehab that will help keep you sober. Take advantage of any AA or NA meetings that may be offered in your area. These meetings will help you stay on track while you live your life without drugs or alcohol.

We’re Here to Help

We know that rehab can sound scary, and we know that parts of it will be difficult. However, we also know that you will never regret making the decision to join rehab. Give us a call today at 833-820-2922 to find out more.