What Makes a Good Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

Drug and Alcohol treatment centers are very diverse in practice. Each treatment center is distinctly different from the others. Drug and alcohol treatment centers typically have different specialties and programs, which is done in order to meet the unique needs of individuals who are seeking treatment. There are over 14,000 licensed alcohol and drug treatment centers in the United States that are highly rated and vetted by both professionals and patients. The key to finding the best Drug and alcohol treatment center is to pick the one that best suits your needs. It is important to keep in mind that you should discuss treatment options that are available to you with an addiction specialist who will be able to help choose the best treatment center to fit your needs.

It is extremely important to choose a treatment center that specializes in the treatment of your specific addiction. Another method of finding the best drug and alcohol treatment centers is too look at the success rate of the center. If a treatment center has a high success rate, they most likely have a high rating as well. Further, treatment centers that focus on underlying issues (i.e., mental health) are typically higher rated and more successful. Treatment centers focus on underlying issues due to the fact that individuals who are recovering from addiction are more likely to relapse if their mental health and other issues are not addressed.

Indicators of a Good Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Treatment center that are highly rated often offer one-on-one individualized therapy and treatment that is specifically developed and delivered to each of their unique and individual clients. The highest rated treatment centers offer therapy for each of their clients that is comprehensive in scope and often includes group therapy in addition to individual therapy. It is important to keep in mind that individual therapy is very important, as many individuals feel uncomfortable speaking their mind in group therapy and may not be able to make as many gains in treatment due to their lack of participation in group therapy.

Family is also an important thing to consider when deciding which treatment center to attend. Treatment centers that offer family therapy and treatment are often more successful because they include the patient’s support system in the process of therapy and treatment. This allows the patient to have a strong support system when they leave treatment.Another important aspect of a good treatment center is a highly accredited and experienced staff. The staff of the treatment center will be the individuals who work with each patient every day to guide them through the process of detox and recovery. The highest rated treatment centers have staff that are experienced in the treatment of addiction, are medically trained, are trained in addiction counseling, and are accredited by the state and national boards in their profession. Many treatment centers that are highly rated only hire staff that have a earned a masters degree or higher in their field of expertise. The leadership of a treatment center is also an indicator of how well the treatment center operates and its overall success rate. A good leadership team increases the safety and the overall likelihood that patients will maintain sobriety after leaving treatment.

Highly rated drug and alcohol treatment centers also provide on-going support to patients after they complete treatment. On-going treatment can include outpatient therapy, group therapy, one-on-one therapy, and participation in a 12-step program. On-going support and therapy following treatment significantly increases the likelihood that an individual will maintain sobriety. Vocational support is often offered by top treatment centers. This may include job training while in therapy, help with getting a job after completing therapy, and ongoing career training. Individuals who are employed and maintain a steady work schedule have been shown to have a much higher chance of maintaining sobriety in the long term. Having a job gives individuals a purpose and a stake in earning and maintaining a healthy financial life. Vocational support is an important component of a good drug and alcohol treatment center.

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