What Kind Of Health Insurance Do Ohio Rehab Centers Accept?

Are you ready to make a step toward a life of sobriety? Ohio residents have lots of choices when it comes to quality rehabilitation facilities. Whether you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol doesn’t matter, as you have opportunities to you get healthy. One thing that keeps many people from getting the treatment they need is that they worry about insurance coverage and the affordability of services.

The good news is that Ohio rehab facilities accept a wide variety of insurance coverage, including Medicare and Medicaid. Fortunately, many commercial insurances cover inpatient and outpatient care, but you might need to do your homework to find a center that works with your carrier. Remember that there might be some out-of-pocket expenses and deductible requirements, so you should account for those when considering treatment.

Ambetter Insurance Coverage

Magnolia Health has Ambetter insurance coverage, and some Ohio rehabilitation facilities will accept these plans. Ambetter is a marketplace service that offers many options in the Buckeye State. With these plans, you may have all or some of the cost of your treatment covered.

Some of the services they cover include detoxing, inpatient stays at a medically assisted facility and outpatient rehabilitation services. They also have some assistance for those who require long-term treatment to help you on your path to sobriety.

This insurance company has a long history of helping people in Ohio with substance abuse issues, as they’ve been around since 2011. They provide coverage for the following things:

•Lab tests
•Mental health treatment
•Ambulance transportation
•Emergency help
•Dual diagnosis assistance for mental health and substance abuse
•Ongoing preventative care and wellness
•Medically assisted detoxing

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Most Ohio treatment facilities utilize the coverages offered by BCBS. This insurance company provides many services to help you with your substance abuse. There are several plans, each with a varied range of coverage. However, you can expect the following to be included:

•Medically assisted detoxing
•Inpatient and outpatient care
•Lab testing
•Emergency Services
•Ambulance transportation
•Counseling and ongoing treatment
• Long-term stays
•Dual diagnosis assistance for mental and substance abuse


Some treatment facilities accept Ohio Medicare/Medicaid, but you must know that these centers are often not the ones with amenities. To get coverage under these plans, you will need a doctor to deem it medically necessary. While this insurance coverage does provide you with options for treatment, they\’re often at centers that offer only bare-bones assistance.

Essentially, they give you the necessary care with a bed and meals. It\’s good to know that there are options, as many people with addiction have lost their jobs and rely on these coverages. Medicare/Medicaid will cover the following:

•Inpatient and outpatient treatment
•Intervention services
•Medication-assisted treatment
•Med management
•Partial inpatient stays
•Peer support and ongoing treatment
•Management of your case

Private Insurance

Most Ohio rehab facilities will accept private health insurance to ensure you can get help. Using the marketplace, you have many different plans at your disposal. Four tiers of coverage are available through this government-run site starting at Bronze and going up to Platinum coverage.

Some people need private health insurance to help them open the doors to treatment facilities that might otherwise remain closed. The best method is to find a center that appeals to you, see what insurance they take, and consider your options. Going to the marketplace to get coverage might be a viable option to get you quick treatment.

They have many programs that cater to self-employed people who don\’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid coverage and may be in between jobs or insurance.

Securing Payment for Treatment

If you have questions about whether your services will be covered, you can always contact your insurance company for help. They can tell you which facilities they work with and the copays or deductible requirements for your policy. Another option is to call us directly at 833-820-2922 to discuss treatment.

Our friendly staff is very knowledgeable about insurance coverage and identifying what you need to get started. We help people like you every day find the treatment center that can help with your specific addiction and personal needs. If you have questions about insurance or what facilities are available in Ohio, call us.

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