What Is Outpatient Drug Rehab Like in Ohio?

It’s a great day when you decide to change your life and pick a local outpatient rehab facility. You’ve likely been suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction for quite some time, and we bet that this decision was one of the hardest to make. It’s definitely the best! It’s time to step up and get clean with the help of a reputable facility.

You probably have some questions about rehab. This is completely normal. If it is your first time checking into a facility, you’ll of course want to know just what to expect! What is outpatient drug rehab like in Ohio? Let’s take a look.

You’ll go through detox first

Don’t worry about stopping your drug or alcohol use before heading to drug rehab. The staff doesn’t expect you to be sober when you get there. With an outpatient center, you won’t have the constant monitoring that you would if you checked into an inpatient facility. However, you will still be provided detox services during your time with the program. This often includes some type of medication to counter the withdrawal feelings that will occur. A doctor or staff member will make sure that you are given the correct dose every day until you are ready to be without them.

You’ll choose the day and time

Many people choose outpatient centers over inpatient ones because they cannot give up some of their responsibilities. For example, you may be working and can’t afford to quit. Maybe you have young children and have to be home with them. Inpatient facilities that require overnight stays for weeks at a time won’t be the right solution for you. An outpatient facility will offer different programs that will work with your schedule. You might choose daytime programs if you work at night, or weekend programs if you aren’t able to make it during the week. Outpatient programs give you much more flexibility than inpatient programs.

You’ll go to therapy

Outpatient rehab offers basically the same types of services in a more relaxed and flexible situation. It’s best for patients who have mild to moderate addictions and do better with flexible options. Therapy sessions will include individual, group, and family. During individual therapy sessions, you will have a chance to speak candidly with your therapist or counselor concerning your addiction. If you have a dual diagnosis, which is a co-occurring mental disorder, this will also be discussed at this time.

Group therapy is a big part of outpatient rehab. You can expect to talk to others in a group setting almost every time you come to the center. Group therapy allows you to talk in an open and safe setting about your problems and concerns. Most patients greatly benefit from group therapy sessions.

Family therapy may also be offered with outpatient rehabs. When one person in the family unit is an addict, the whole family suffers. The family needs to come together as a whole during rehab to support the addict. It’s also a chance for family members to talk and vent about their feelings in a safe, supportive environment with an impartial therapist.

You’ll learn how to function without drugs or alcohol

The purpose of rehab is to learn how you can function day-by-day without turning to drugs or alcohol. Outpatient rehab will help you learn how. Your therapists and peers will discuss how to deal with everyday situations that have caused you to want to use in the past. You’ll learn how to recognize the triggers that typically cause your brain to want to get high and how to choose better options when this happens.

You’ll be given aftercare services

Once you are through with the program, your counselor will talk to you about continuing services. It is a crucial component of your treatment as it can drastically reduce the chances of a relapse. You may be given the option of transitional housing, or a sober living home, as part of your continuing care. Your therapist will help you set up follow-up counseling sessions and any medical evaluations you may need. They will also point you toward support groups in your area. These may include NA or AA.

You’ll get the help you need

No matter what, outpatient rehab is there to help you get clean. It doesn’t matter how long you have been an addict or how many times you have relapsed. We are here to help-just give us a call at 833-820-2922 today. We’ll stay by your side through it all.