What Is Online Substance Abuse Counseling or Teletherapy?

Online substance abuse revolves around utilizing cutting-edged treatment technologies delivered via videoconferencing, telephone services, smart phone applications, texting, and online tools to deliver the needed substance abuse care without patients having to go in person to a provider’s office or clinic.

The Range of Teletherapy Applications to Help With Substance Abuse

Nowadays a wide range of electronic communications are gaining growing market share in the delivery of addition recovery and treatment. These methods include the following:


This happens via secure portals over personal computers, tablets, or telemedicine equipment. Several studies regarding videoconferencing to treat addiction have determined that the results and levels of patient satisfaction are comparable between the in-person and video delivered care.

Telephone Support

Among the first means of providing teletherapy services was the telephone care. Continuing care is delivered via this method. The results from studies demonstrate that the telephone delivered continuing care offers superior results versus traditional methods of providing continuing care.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps prove to be software applications that were specially developed for computers, tablets, and smart phones. Earlier analyses demonstrated that the mobile device utilization for all-around health care can not yet offer convincing statistics on this technology and its efficiency. There was research shared for one particular smart phone app. It revealed that fewer risky drinking days and better abstinence rates were attained than with traditional forms of care. Another study demonstrated that there were fewer drinks per day consumed and dangerous drinking days with the technology versus the traditional care.


Texting refers to the short electronic messages sent between two smart phones. The results from texting interventions demonstrated that positive results have come from the apps. Text messaging as an addiction treatment offers the additional advantage of being considerably less expensive as well as highly accessible to people in actual real time when it is needed (and not only when it is conveniently available as a treatment).

Web Treatment Support

Patients are able to utilize web treatment and support services using an online connection via the Internet. Such applications are asynchronous. This refers to the fact that individuals are able to use them to get help at their own convenience at any time of day or night.

In Conclusion

So far, teletherapy and online addiction treatment have proven to be as or more effective in diminishing the amount of alcohol consumed each week than with standard comparative forms of treatment.

If you are ready to consider online substance abuse counseling or teletherapy, you should contact our counselors now. The costs of these proven forms of treatment are far less than with traditional in-person and in-patient methods of care. Call us today at 833-820-2922 to make a new start in your own life. Help is available for you right now!