What is “Euphoric Recall”?

A euphoric recall is common among recovering addicts. Psychologists define a euphoric recall as a memory of a past event that is embellished, distorted, or exaggerated. The term “euphoric recall” is used by psychologists to describe the recall of feelings and emotions experienced during an episode of drug use. Euphoric recall is often associated with feelings of excitement and pleasure. Euphoric recall can also be related to feelings of guilt and shame among individuals recovering from drug abuse. Cravings often accompany euphoric recall of the drug used to produce the euphoria in the first place.

Euphoric Recall and Cravings

A person may remember the feelings they experienced while using drugs and seek to recreate that feeling again through drugs. Individuals who have recently completed a drug treatment program may experience euphoria when thinking about their past drug use. This thinking can make it difficult for individuals to stay sober during the first few months after completing a treatment program.

The Difference Between Cravings and A Euphoric Recall

A craving is a feeling of intense desire for a drug. The euphoria associated with a euphoric recall is more subtle than cravings. A craving often involves a strong desire to use drugs and will increase as time goes on. A person experiencing a euphoric recall may also have intense feelings about their past drug use, but these feelings will not be as strong as those experienced with a craving.

Euphoric Recall and Recovery

Euphoric recall is a concern for those recovering from drug abuse. Individuals in the early stages of recovery may be more prone to having euphoric recall than those who have been in recovery for longer. An array of stimuli including can trigger euphoric recall. These include:

  • An encounter with previous peers with who you used to do drugs
  • A song that you used to listen to while you were doing drugs
  • An old drug paraphernalia
  • A place that you used to do drugs

The Effects of Euphoric Recall

Individuals who experience euphoric recall often find that they cannot control their actions and are more likely to engage in risky behavior. The feelings associated with a euphoric recall can be so powerful that individuals who experience this thinking may be unable to make rational decisions about their drug use. Individuals experiencing a euphoric recall should seek help from professionals as soon as possible to avoid the negative consequences of this type of thinking.

How to Overcome Euphoric Recalls

There are ways that you can overcome the triggers of euphoric recall. Reminding yourself why you quit drugs or alcohol can help to reduce the effects of euphoric recall. Listening to music that reminds you of your recovery may also help to reduce the influence of euphoric recall. Having a support group is also beneficial. Talking to a friend or family member who has been through a similar experience can help you overcome euphoric recall triggers. Talking about your past drug use can help you understand why you are experiencing negative feelings when you think about your past drug use.

Sponsors are an integral part of the recovery process. Sponsors can help you learn how to deal with the triggers of euphoric recall. Sponsors can also help you to avoid situations that can be triggering for you. The ability to identify triggers of euphoric recall can be beneficial for your recovery. By recognizing the triggers of euphoric recall, you can avoid situations likely to cause relapse. Continued care is vital to the recovery process.

Providing ongoing care for others through volunteering and supporting those struggling with addiction can be beneficial. The ability to provide continued care for others can help you to stay sober and avoid relapse. Recovery from drug addiction is a long-term process. Managing the triggers of euphoric recall is an essential part of your recovery plan. By identifying the triggers of euphoric recall, you can avoid situations that may cause relapse.

Managing your triggers of euphoric recall will enable you to continue on your path toward a drug-free life. It may be difficult to avoid the triggers of euphoric recall. It is important not to let these triggers overcome you. Euphoric recall can be a powerful force. However, with time and support, it can be overcome. Call us at 833-820-2922.