What Is An Inpatient Rehab In Ohio?

Rehab facilities are called inpatient rehab centers or programs because they’re designed to provide intensive treatment that requires a full-time commitment from the patient. These are the best resources for people who want to start over and need a little extra help. One gets to stay in the facility for some time. The intensity of the treatment can vary, and some facilities have an excellent reputation, while others are less desirable. These are some of the treatment methods used in an inpatient rehab in Ohio.

Individual Therapy

It involves one-on-one sessions where the patient and therapist work on acute issues like drugs and alcohol. It takes place in a private room in the facility. A patient talks about all their problems, and the therapist helps them understand the underlying issues. A patient is encouraged to talk about family, friends, and anything that has impacted their life negatively. The therapist is there to listen and guide them through the process. It’s common for people struggling with substance abuse disorder or drug addiction problems such as alcohol dependency or cocaine addiction to attend therapy sessions.

Group Therapy

A patient is part of a group of individuals whose ages, backgrounds, problems, and issues are similar to their own. In a group setting, one gets to answer questions, share experiences and provide support to others struggling with addiction and allow them to encourage you. The facilitator helps the group and guides them through difficult times. Someone who is still using drugs or alcohol may be encouraged by those who have completed a treatment program and are currently in recovery. Group sessions are designed to build trust between members.

Family Therapy

Addiction affects a patient’s family as well. Partners, friends, and family often need help as well. Family counseling deals with the issues that affect everyone and helps them understand addiction better and seek treatment for a loved one. The family is encouraged to spend time together in their own way without talking about addiction problems at all. However, family therapists encourage them to talk about those problems in an open way so that the family can work through their problems together.


In residential rehab, a patient is put on a detox program where they are taken off drugs and alcohol. It is done in a controlled environment so that one doesn’t have to worry about withdrawal symptoms. Drugs and alcohol are removed from their system while under medical supervision. The patients go through the detox process, which usually lasts approximately three to four days. During this time, one is isolated from the outside world so that other issues won’t affect how they react to their treatment. The medical staff monitors the patients throughout the detox process to ensure they remain safe.


Although drug and alcohol dependency is treated using various methods, medication is sometimes used in inpatient rehab. It can be helpful for those who are struggling with anxiety or depression that may affect their ability to cope with treatment. A patient may also need medication for pain management issues in some instances. Some people cannot cope without these drugs, so they need to attend rehab facilities where medications are available if required. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem that requires professional help. One needs to get help in an inpatient rehab center if they have a severe substance abuse disorder.


A healthy body helps one to recover from addiction and stay sober. Patients may be encouraged to join various fitness classes such as yoga, tai-chi, pilates, and recreational activities like swimming, biking, or even basketball games. In some facilities, outdoor activities are a part of an addiction treatment program. Patients who want to improve their fitness levels can do so in a controlled setting. Working out with a group can also provide one with strength and support. As patients gradually work to achieve their goals, they can handle the stressors in their life that may have contributed to their addiction. Exercise is a critical component of the treatment process at an inpatient rehab center, and the staff works with both the patient and family to ensure it’s done safely.

In conclusion, a residential addiction treatment center is a safe place to focus on treatment and begin the recovery process. Having professional care round the clock is an essential component of treatment. Inpatient rehab facilities ensure that there is a doctor on hand at all times, so they can intervene as soon as there are signs of an addiction problem. To get help enrolling into an inpatient rehab in Ohio, call 833-820-2922.