What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is the harmful use of alcohol that leads to health, social, sexual, psychological, and economic problems. In other words, if a person drinks too much over a period of time, they may experience effects such as mood swings, aggression, loss of coordination, and impaired judgment. Alcohol abuse is a serious issue affecting many people worldwide. In recent times many young people have developed alcohol abuse problems, but it is not just teenagers who are victims of alcohol abuse. Young adults and adults are also developing addiction issues to alcohol. These are some signs of alcohol abuse.

Poor Performance

Alcohol abuse interferes with one’s normal performance at work or in social life. It is often accompanied by the development of alcohol dependence, which accompanies the repeated abuse of alcohol. Most alcoholics cannot keep a job due to their drinking problem or lose interest in their job. Their drinking problem will also affect their performance at school or work. It is because their body cannot function with alcohol in their system, and they will be unable to complete simple tasks.

Behavioral Changes

Many factors go into a person’s decision to begin abusing alcohol. Parents, peers, and experiences all play a part in who decides to use or not use alcohol. Signs of alcohol abuse include erratic mood swings, personality changes, and unwillingness to participate in family activities or social outings. Alcoholics may try to hide their behavior because they know their actions are wrong. They will isolate themselves and change the way they act.

Change An Appearance

Many physical and behavioral changes can be seen when a person is an alcoholic. They may also look disheveled and directly admit they are high or drunk if confronted. They may not smell the same, have bloodshot eyes, or their pupils will be dilated. They may also become less alert, less active, and more sluggish.

Socializing Less

An alcoholic will start spending time alone because they feel isolated and lonely or are likely to be caught if they hang out with friends. An addict would keep away from people in general and may not want to go out because they believe it is unsafe or will jeopardize their alcohol use.

Lost Jobs

Alcoholics may find it harder to hold down a job. They may not be able to function at work or will want to get drunk and stay home. An employer would not want to hire an alcoholic because of absenteeism, productivity loss, and the possibility of theft. Alcohol can cloud their judgment leading them to make bad decisions.

Financial Problems

Alcohol is very expensive, and addicts may have jobs but still not be able to afford the lifestyle they have. They will have to resort to stealing and pawning possessions to pay for the alcohol. They will also start selling their belongings in exchange for alcohol due to a lack of money. Alcohol abuse will also affect their personal relationships and strain them to the point that they lose friendships.

Legal Problems

Legal issues are a major concern for Alcoholics. The first time someone is arrested for reckless driving, most often than not, they will be offered a treatment program to avoid jail time. A second offense could lead to jail time or mandatory rehabilitation programs if deemed appropriate by the courts. Going to jail will leave a permanent mark on a person’s record, preventing them from getting future jobs or entering into certain colleges because of their criminal records.

More Irritability

The body and mind of an alcoholic change, resulting in a less-than-ideal mood. It can lead to arguments with friends and family, being short-tempered and impatient, having poor judgment and making poor decisions, being irritable and less concerned with what is going on around them.

Trouble Sleeping

An alcoholic will have trouble sleeping at night and may need to take more alcohol to get a good night’s rest. They are tired from staying up late and do not have the energy during the day to accomplish everyday tasks or attend school. Their inability to rest at night will also lead to poor decision-making during the day. In conclusion, alcohol abuse is a serious issue in the United States. Alcoholic beverages are some of the most common drugs that Americans use. The negative results from alcohol abuse can be seen in every aspect of a person’s life and are extremely damaging.

Alcohol abuse can be prevented when substance abuse programs are put into action. The most successful way to deter alcohol abuse is to educate the public, families, and schools on the harmful effects of alcohol. To get help dealing with alcohol abuse, call 833-820-2922.