What Is a Drug Addiction Rehab Center?

Meta description: A drug addiction rehab center is an institution devoted to solving addiction disorders. Numerous substance addiction facilities offer different settings, all dedicated to solving addiction problems.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Center

This setting offers an avenue for a patient to board while receiving ultimate medical care. This is an effective option for individuals who are chronic addicts. It reduces all triggers that daily life offers. An inpatient rehab center can also provide a residential setting at the rehab center. This environment is made a little different from that of a hospital.

Such a rehab provides a home-like environment for patients to recover smoothly while feeling comfortable during their stay. The primary significance of this form of a rehab center is to immerse you in the healing process deeply.

Everything done in this environment is healing and recovery. As a patient undergoes daily therapy practicing sobriety, they also slowly learn to engage in new healthier habits.

Outpatient Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center

This recovery setting only offers addiction treatment but not boarding services. There are numerous levels of outpatient care. They include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Substance use Counseling
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • Outpatient Rehab Programs

Each of the above programs requires extreme commitment. Outpatient treatment is programmed to occur several days a week, each session taking a few hours daily. The flexible schedules allow the patient to get treated while schooling or working. An outpatient addiction treatment program is the most effective care as it gives a range of treatment options. An inpatient treatment facility only offers outpatient treatment care as a transition.

How Rehab Centers Work

The principal aim of rehab addiction facilities is to treat and support you in overcoming illicit substance addiction. The treatment should focus on healing the body and the mind and alleviating addiction troubles. The center should also teach you how to transition from that unpleasant state without drug use.

Outstanding rehab addiction facilities start the care programs with a comprehensive assessment. This guides the patient and the medical staff to formulate a treatment plan. The plan is customized as it depends on a patient’s needs. This is because every person has a different addiction, and each case requires a unique approach.

Detox is the first program that initiates the healing process. This is done to individuals with a physical addiction to substances or alcohol. Detox aids the body in getting rid of toxins. However, it doesn’t treat. During substance dependence care, an individual undergoes several therapies.

Therapy gives you a wide variety of ways to tackle the issues that trigger drug use. Choosing positive alternatives over alcohol or drug abuse equips you with the knowledge and techniques to resist relapse.

Examples of therapies offered by various drug addiction rehab centers include Yoga, music lessons, Thai chi, sports and recreation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and art therapy. Some care facilities give dual diagnosis treatment. This provides care for patients suffering from mental challenges along with substance addiction.

Do Drug Rehabs Work?

This depends on several factors. Individuals must be fully committed to participating in and accepting the programs to transform their lives. The rehab facility you pick should also fit your needs and provide quality time for the healing to complete.

Several positive testimonies exist of patients who have completed treatment programs and lived normal substance-free lives. But, some patients still battle relapse despite going through a rehab center treatment.

Such patients either drop out of a program prematurely or view returning to everyday life as challenging. They fail to resist life without alcohol or drugs. Recovery is always a lengthy process that entails you to be mindful of your actions and thoughts.

Several recovering addicts require continued therapy and support to maintain a sober life. Support and counseling groups frequently remind individuals of the skills they learnt in addiction treatment. It keeps them in shape, constantly reminding them of addiction’s adverse effects on their lives.

Substance programs range between 28 days and 30 days for a short-term care program and 60 days or more for long-term care.


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