What If There\’s a Long Waiting List for Treatment Centers Near Me?

Inpatient treatment centers do miraculous things for their clients every day, but not every client can immediately enter the center of their choice. There is sometimes a long waiting list in order to get in, as there are sometimes more people who need help than beds available in the center. When this happens, there might be a waiting list to get into a treatment center. The wait itself can even be a long one. What does a hopeful patient do while waiting for their place in a treatment center?

Treatment centers don\’t just turn away patients and tell them there\’s a waiting list. They most often offer up a list of resources and phone numbers for you to call in the meantime. These resources allow you to take advantage of other sources of hope while knowing that your place in a treatment center is just around the corner.

Treatment Center Waiting Lists

Addiction is a part of our society in a way that\’s depressing. Everyone wishes this wasn\’t so, but it is. Thousands of people in a community might suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction, and hundreds will seek a bed in a local treatment center, only to find that there are no vacant beds open. When this happens, you\’re still not out in the cold. Treatment centers treat their prospective patients with kindness and urgency, too. They know you need something to do during your wait.

Good treatment centers will take your call, information, and put you on a waiting list. They may give you an idea of how long you might wait before a bed opens up, and they of course will remind you that sometimes a patient leaving is unpredictable. Your bed may open up sooner rather than later. During your time on the waiting list, you have the opportunity to begin working toward recovery on your own. How?

  • Begin reading recommended addiction resources recommended by the treatment center
  • Get in touch with an individual drug and alcohol counselor who will see you before your entry in the center
  • Keep emergency numbers for the treatment center and other hotlines that can help you in moments of weakness
  • Seek help in an emergency room if you experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
  • Begin to use your family and friends as sources of support

Why an Early Start Helps

You don\’t have to be safely inside a drug addiction treatment center to begin recovering from addiction. The positive mindset you cultivate before treatment will help you once you\’re actually there, so even though you\’re not within the walls of the treatment center yet, you\’re already developing thoughts and behaviors that will expedite your recovery once you finally get a bed in a rehab.

Reading materials for addiction may include things like the Big Book of AA or NA, holistic and natural remedy books that give you suggestions, and many mental health books that might shed light on any comorbid conditions you may suffer from prior to treatment. Seeing a counselor is another helpful idea for patients about to enter an inpatient center. By getting a head start on your mental health and mindset, you are increasing the chance of success in recovery.

Use Medical Intervention as Necessary

If you\’re a prospective recovering addict or alcoholic who can\’t immediately get into a treatment center, you might need medical intervention before your inpatient bed opens up. Do not wait to seek medical health if you have distressing withdrawal symptoms. You can cease using drugs and alcohol before entering treatment by seeking out medical attention for the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Your family doctor or emergency service doctor may be willing to prescribe medications that will lessen the physical symptoms of withdrawal so that you can stay sober prior to your entry into rehab.

If you relapse before treatment, do not let this keep you from entering a treatment center. Seeking inpatient treatment is something that people need to do whether they\’re already sober or not. You or your loved one should try your best to maintain a sober outlook before treatment, but even if you\’re still using on your way into the center, it can still save your life to follow through with treatment.

If you\’re in need of help during a long wait for help in a treatment center, please rely on our counselors for help. Just Call 833-820-2922 today to get the support you need.

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