What do you do in a detox rehab Ohio?

Deciding to go to an Ohio detox center can feel overwhelming. You have a lot of questions. Will withdrawal be painful? Will detox and rehab help me stay sober long-term? Do I need to detox, or can I break free from drugs cold turkey? These are reasonable concerns. This post will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to visit a detox recovery center in Ohio. The number of days you will need to detox will vary based on your experience with drugs and alcohol and your physical and mental health.

What Happens on the First Day of Detox?

When you arrive at the detox facility, you will meet the administrative and medical staff that will support you as you go through the detox process. Many of these same individuals will be by your side during the rehab treatment. In most cases, detox starts with you talking to a counselor.

They want to learn about your drug and alcohol use, your family, your mental health, and other factors that can help them create a treatment plan suited to your situation. If the rehab center is part of an inpatient treatment program, you will see where you will stay, get a tour of the facility, and get a feel for where everything is located. Substance addictions do physical damage to your body. A medical professional will likely do a physical exam to see your current health condition.

Talking to a doctor about addiction can be very challenging. But the success of the detox and rehab program relies significantly on your honesty. In addition to helping you get started with the detox program, medical professionals will be there to help you replenish any nutrition that you have lost because of your addiction. This is done by planning healthy meals while you are going through detox. If you are open with your doctor, they will be able to determine what medications you might need during detox and other medical concerns to be aware of.

Beginning the Detox Process

Detox is difficult. There is no way to get around that truth. Every day will present unique challenges that could leave you wondering if you are going to get better. Powerful withdrawal symptoms that you feel when you start detox will eventually ease up. Soon, you will go from wondering if you are going to get better to feeling better and wanting to do everything you can to keep feeling your best. Eating healthy is a vital part of the detox process.

Substance use typically leads to a person lacking several important nutrients. Eating nutritious food is an essential factor in getting you back to feeling yourself. You may be prescribed vitamins or supplements with your meals to speed up the nutrient replenishing process. It is not uncommon for someone to lose their appetite while going through detox. You can be sure that with time your appetite will return. Getting a good night\’s sleep is vital as you go through detox. Getting sleep can be a challenge, especially when your mind and body adapt to functioning without the substance you were addicted to. However, getting sleep is going to help your body heal. If you have trouble sleeping during the detox process, talk to your doctor, the staff, or other medical professionals present. They can provide suggestions that can help you sleep well.

What Happens When Detox Finishes?

Detox is just the first step on the road to recovery. It is purely a physical fix. It removes traces of drugs from your body. However, the psychological and mental aspects of addiction remain. This is why the next step is for you to begin rehab treatment. Rehabilitation is where you learn how to recover and how to avoid relapse. Therapy is where you are taught to develop the coping skills needed to face life’s challenges without falling back on drugs and alcohol. Have you been battling substance use disorder for some time and feel like you need a change? If so, we can help you. We want to be your partner as you travel down the road to sobriety. Contact us today to learn more at 833-820-2922.

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