What Are the Top 7 Traits of Effective Treatment Centers for Alcohol?

While success in sobriety lies almost entirely with the person in recovery, there is something to be said for going to a high quality treatment center. When you go to a treatment center, you want to ensure that you are going to a facility that will produce results. These ere the top 7 traits of effective treatment centers for alcohol.

1. Flexible Solutions

Different people have different needs, and you want a recovery center that understands the importance of developing a treatment plan suited to you and your life. Long-term inpatient care is usually the most effective option available, but not everyone can accommodate the schedule. For these people, it\’s important to find a rehab that offers outpatient care that allows them to work and care for their kids.

2. Medical Staff

Rehab is a medical procedure, and a good rehabilitation center will have highly qualified medical staff on-site for patients. Medical staff are especially important when high-risk people first arrive. Alcohol withdrawal can be quite vicious if the patient is not properly monitored. Nurses will watch the patient\’s vitals and ensure that they don\’t seizure or get dangerously dehydrated. The nurses can also help the patients who had pre-exiting medical conditions before arriving to rehab. Psychiatrists also need to be available for people with mental health conditions to prescribe medication.

3. Good Vibes

Every rehab facility has its one unique aura to it. You want to pick a facility that makes you feel comfortable and happy. You can learn this immediately just by walking through the doors. Do the nurses and staff seem friendly? Do the residents seem happy? Do the colors and decorations put a smile on your face? This is only something the person going to the rehab can determine. It can be a good idea to visit the rehab before actually agreeing to go there.

4. Top-Notch Amenities

People will get further in their recovery if they are comfortable while at rehab. That\’s why many of the most successful centers have high quality amenities. Some places also seem like more f a resort than rehab. Many have pools, horses, large televisions, and beautiful gardens. Even if your center doesn\’t have a tennis court, it is important to go to a place with adequate amenities.

5. Emphasis on Physical Health

Mental health is closely tied to physical health. When you take care of your body, you are far less likely to damage it with the effects of alcohol. A great treatment center will focus on a healthy diet and provide exercise opportunities. Some facilities will have a gym on site. Others centers will organize health-conscious activities, such as hiking. You may even come out of rehab physically healthier and looking better than when you walked in.

6. Family-Centric

You need to go to treatment for yourself first and foremost- not your family. If you go for your family but aren\’t truly ready to get clean, there is a very high risk of relapse. That being said, family can be a great motivation and support system. That\’s why it\’s important for a treatment center to put a heavy emphasis on family relationships. Many centers provide phones or the internet for communication. There may even be visiting hours or specific days for them to visit. You may even be able to bring your family to a therapy session.

7. Aftercare

Recovery is not over when you walk out of the doors of the treatment center. In fact, it is just getting started. You want a rehab that will help you find aftercare to keep you clean once you get home. They may connect you with a sponsor who has been very successful in the program. They may also connect you with different 12-step programs in your area.

Addiction is a life-long disease, and you need regular treatment. It\’s similar to medication in the sense that if you stop treatment, the disease may get out of control. Find what works best for you and commit whole heartedly. Not all treatment centers for alcohol are created equal. You want to go to one that has all of the amenities you need with the values you enjoy as well. Call us at 833-820-2922 to learn how we can help transform your life into a healthy, sober one.

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