What Are the Rules When Going to Alcohol Treatment Centers in Ohio?

It’s a big decision to go to drug or alcohol rehabilitation. While there are numerous places to choose from in Ohio, the rules are generally the same with some minor variations. These centers are designed for you to start your journey towards sobriety, so there are some strict guidelines. These regulations will ensure that you get the help and start healing while under the direction of trained professionals.

Rules in Rehabilitation

Many find the rules daunting when first hearing what’s required. However, remember that these guidelines are there to allow you to put your focus on healing. You’re only in rehab for a short period, so it’s best to concentrate 100 percent of your efforts on getting better.

1. Limited Cell Phones

When you’re going through the detox process, it’s effortless to fall back into old habits. Thought processes are not the clearest when you’re in this phase, and you could easily contact someone who supplied you in the past. While cell phones are great tools, they’re distractions from your detox, and they can put you in direct contact with the life you want to leave behind. Generally, there are phones for you to use to call home. Phone calls are given after a certain point, but staff will keep in contact with your family to let them know your progress.

2. No Visitors

There will be a restriction on visitors during the first part of your stay. You can expect no in-person visits with anyone but the staff and others in the program for a week or more. This allows you to adjust to your new surroundings without any stress from the outside.

3. Leave Valuables at Home

As a safety precaution, you should bring any jewelry. Most facilities will remove even a wedding ring. It’s safer to leave them at home, where they can be kept under close supervision. The facility doesn’t want to take responsibility for these items.

4. No Smoking

Sorry, these facilities are non-smoking. Ohio has strict laws on indoor smoking, and it’s easy to trade one addiction for another. So, it’s best to leave these items at home. Since you’re detoxing from drugs or alcohol, you can kick the cigarette habit too.

5. No Electronics

Since the risk of having items stolen is more significant, you need to leave all electronics at home. This means no iPads, tablets, laptop computers, iPods, or other devices that could be stolen. All centers have televisions for you to watch to fill your downtime, but they try to keep you busy with groups and counseling while you’re there.

6. Avoid Clothing Referencing to Drugs, Alcohol, or Violence

It’s best to pack comfortable clothes that won’t inhibit you. These clothes shouldn’t be revealing and mustn’t contain any references to drugs, alcohol, or violence. Any such clothing will be taken and held until you leave the facility.

7. Only Disposable Razors

Electric razors are great tools, but you better stick with disposables during your stay. Razors won’t be permitted if there’s an issue and you have suicidal tendencies while detoxing. Often, Ohio rehabilitation centers will allow a disposable razor for good grooming.

8. No Narcotic or Prohibited Prescriptions

Even if the prescriptions are doctor prescribed, most centers will not allow you to have controlled substances or narcotics. Since the goal of coming to rehab is to get off of dangerous drugs, they feel it’s counterproductive to allow them in the facility. You can find a list of prohibited medications at each center to see if your specific medication is permitted.

Focus on Healing

While that seems like an extensive list that’s a bit overwhelming to ingest, you must remember that these guidelines are here for the success of your stay. The centers in Ohio developed these rules through trial and error, and they’ve found that some items are more of a hindrance than a help. Since all facilities operate on different regulations, you may find that one center allows things that the other doesn’t. You must focus on getting the help you need and not all the rules. Are you ready to make that first step and find rehab in Ohio to start your journey? Our counselors are prepared to help you, and all you need to do is call 833-820-2922.