What Are Five Key Things to Know Before 28 Days in Rehab?

Deciding to go into drug rehab is a big step. It\’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and those who care about you, but the choices and some of the terms you\’ll see as you look for a rehab can be confusing. If you\’re a parent and know nothing about drugs and rehab at all, it\’s even harder. This article will clear up a lot of the confusion and answer the question: \”What are five key things to know before 28 days in rehab?\”

First Things First

Before you choose a rehab, think about location. Do you want to stay nearby your home town or travel to a rehab further away or even out of state? While a closer location will allow for family visits more easily, sometimes being in a new location not associated with anything you know will help you to better concentrate on your recovery, which is why you\’re attending rehab in the first place. Of course, finances will figure into the decision. Travel expenses will make a faraway rehab more expensive.

Two: Make Arrangements

Before you leave, you will need to make arrangements for pet and child care if those apply to you. Either pre-pay all your bills for the next month or have someone you trust to pay them for you in your absence. You will need to tell your employer something, too. Be careful with this part. Many people, especially employers, may not understand about drug rehab treatment and may judge you or even find a reason to terminate you. They may see you as a bad risk. On the other hand, some employers encourage self-admission into rehab and have health plans to pay for this kind of treatment. In general, though, if your job involves operating a vehicle, machinery, dealing with children, patients, alcohol or pharmaceuticals or similar occupations, be cautious what you tell your employer. You don\’t have to tell anyone why you\’re going to be gone if you don\’t want to or don\’t feel comfortable doing so. If you\’re in school, it\’s probably best to just say you have a personal situation and you need a month\’s leave to tend to it.

You should, however, tell those close to you the truth. These people will be part of your support network and should probably know what\’s going on as long as you can trust them to keep the information confidential. Also tend to any pending legal matters for the time period that you will be gone. For example, pay any tickets or fines that may come due in your absence.

Three: The Rehab\’s Quality

Do you want faith-based or secular treatment? If you\’re not comfortable with AA, make sure the facility offers alternatives to faith-based treatment. There are many of these. Ask about the center\’s certification. All drug rehabs, by law, must be licensed by the state in which they are located. This doesn\’t mean much. Look for additional certification from an outside expert entity, such as CARF or the Joint Commission. Ask about costs and make sure you know what\’s involved in that. Ask what the costs don\’t cover, such as urine or lab tests or extras like hygiene items or snacks.

Four: Programs

Ask what kinds of treatment programs the facility offers. All of them should be evidence-based, which means they have been proven to work. Some of these include:

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • EMDR

If you need detox, ask if they offer that. Some facilities do and some do not. This isn\’t a reflection on the program\’s quality. However, if the place you really want to attend doesn\’t include detox services, you will need to detox at another facility first. If you don\’t want to do this, choose another place with an attached detox unit.

Five: Packing

Find out ahead of time what the facility allows. Many don\’t allow any kind of electronic devices, including cell phones, so be prepared for that. They want you to concentrate on your recovery. In general you can bring basic items like:

  • Sneakers and flip flops for the shower
  • Clothing appropriate for the climate</li>
  • Pens and stationery
  • Hygiene items but nothing with alcohol like hairspray, perfume or mouthwash
  • Sealed vitamins (not all places)
  • Feminine hygiene for women and shaving supplies for men
  • Family pictures

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