Should You Report A Doctor Who Is Over Prescribing Pain Pills?

Pain medication can be medically useful and medically necessary in a variety of different situations. Both narcotic and non narcotic pain medications are used by doctors in hospital settings to treat injury, illness, surgery recovery, and other issues. Unfortunately, many of these substances are dangerous and addictive in addition to being medically useful.

Narcotic pain medications should only be used for short periods of time as necessary. Unfortunately, some doctors over prescribe pain medication. If you are under the care of a doctor who is over prescribing pain pills, then you may need to reach out for some help. It is possible to become dangerously addicted to drugs, both physically and mentally, without ever touching a street drug or buying drugs from a street dealer. If you are being over prescribed pain medication by your doctor, then it is likely that he or she is over prescribing pain medication to many other people as well.

Reporting a dangerous and medically irresponsible doctor can save more lives than just your own. First and foremost, over prescribing pain medication is a medical violation. Medical doctors take an oath to help people, not to hurt them. Over prescribing pain medication to patients who do not require it is a direct and serious violation of this oath. It may even be a criminal offense, depending where you live. Doctors who over prescribe pain medication to their patients are often just as immoral and irresponsible as dealers who sell drugs on the streets. They need to be held just as responsible for their crimes.

Save More Lives Than Your Own

A doctor who over prescribes dangerous pain medication to you or a loved one is likely to have a pattern of over prescribing dangerous pain medication to other people as well. This is risky for multiple reasons. Many pills sold on the street are supplied by the patients of irresponsible doctors. These doctors, trying to make a quick buck, will provide prescriptions to patients who do not medically need them. These drugs can even end up in the hands of children.

Some people do not realize that they are being over prescribed pain medication by their doctors. If you are a friend or family member who knows a person being over prescribed pain medication, then you need to do the right thing and tell someone. A doctor who over prescribes dangerous pain medications can also create a dangerous pattern of addiction and death in the local community. There is a ripple effect associated with the irresponsible act of over prescribing pain medication.

Doctors are supposed to be trustworthy professionals, not corrupt manipulators. People who use medically necessary pain medication need to be carefully monitored by caring doctors. They may also need to be responsibly weaned off of pain medication. If your doctor continues refilling your prescription even after you are in less pain, then you may be getting over prescribed. Let your doctor know that you are in less pain and ready to be safely weaned off of the medication. If you have become addicted to prescription pain pills because of a doctor, it is not your fault.

Doctors who over prescribe pain medication can even cause people to turn to the street for additional pills. when these pills start to provide less relief over time, and as the addiction spirals out of control, people often turn to even more dangerous street drugs to satisfy that addiction. It is never to late to get help. If you think that your doctor or someone you know’s doctor is over prescribing pain medication, then you need to report that doctor to the correct entities.

Follow up about your report and make sure that it is being taken seriously. If you have become addicted to drugs because of a doctor who over prescribed you pain medication, then you also need to get help. Call a detox center or addiction treatment facility and reach out for help. Even if you have not become addicted to drugs because of your doctor, it is still important to find a new doctor if yours over prescribes pain medication. We can help, call now 833-820-2922.