Rehab Makes Me Feel Lonely: What Should I Do?

The fact that you’re investigating and exploring rehab is an accomplishment that you should be proud of. You’ve taken an important step in recognizing the need for professional help. However, you’re worried about the way that rehab can make you feel. Experiencing loneliness is a common concern when it comes to rehab. Fortunately, you can engage in healthy activities to combat this loneliness.

Rehab and Loneliness

When you’re feeling lonely at rehab, you have a number of possible options to pursue. You may need to try out a few possibilities to figure out what the right match is for you. Some options include the following:

  • Participating in group activities
  • Casually mingling with other clients
  • Connecting with loved ones at home
  • Exploring creative channels

Learning a bit more about each of these ideas can help you to get started.

Participating in Group Activities

The rehab center likely has some group activities in which you can participate. For example, there might be group counseling sessions, athletic activities, exercise classes, crafts or game nights. Getting involved can feel a little bit scary at first, but remember that everyone had to take the first step.

Start with an activity that you enjoy. If you like to paint, try out an art class. Even if you’re more introverted, you can start by saying that you like a painting of another resident. Another option is to join an activity that immediately immerses you in a group experience. Sharing your struggles in a group therapy session or playing a sport on a team with other residents can help you to build bonds.

Casually Mingling with Other Clients

While getting involved with structured activities at the rehab facility is important, you might not be ready to take that step yet. It’s also possible that you’re feeling lonely in between these structured activities and are looking for more social engagement. You can just go up to a resident at the facility to say hi.

You might invite a person to go for a walk with you, or you could start a conversation of mutual interest. If you see another person reading a book that you like, start talking about the book. Even simply sitting down and watching television with another person, regardless of how much you’re talking to one another, can relieve feelings of loneliness.

Connecting with Loved Ones at Home

At rehab, your main focus has to be on recovering from your addiction. If you are constantly calling or emailing your relatives and friends back at home, your focus is likely to be distracted. There may even be issues at home that are contributing to your addiction.

Still, though, touching base with relatives and friends who have been supportive is a way to combat loneliness. Chances are that you are allowed to have visitors at times. Speak with your support staff members to find out when your loved ones can come to see you. Find a balance between connecting with your loved ones and finding your own sense of independence.

Exploring Creative Channels

You don’t always have to be around other people to relieve feelings of loneliness. Sometimes, getting to know yourself better is an effective way to feel connected. When you’re feeling lonely, think about participating in a creative activity such as drawing. Another suggestion is to get a journal. You can make a plan to write in the journal each day as a way of establishing a healthy routine.

Keep in mind that you can write in your journal more than one per day. Doing so may inspire you to write a short story or poetry about your experiences in rehab. Potentially connecting with an audience in this way can help when it comes to reducing feelings of loneliness too. Loneliness is a feeling that many people have when they are in rehab.

In fact, if you go up to another client, you might discover that the two of you are feeling similar ways. Further, you can speak with the representatives about ways to tackle loneliness. Give us a call at 833-820-2922 to discuss options today.