Is There Anywhere I Can Get Same Day Treatment for Heroin for My Son?

Your son is in a crisis, and you really want to help him out of the addiction hole as soon as possible. Perhaps, for the first time, your son has acknowledged that he has developed a dependency on heroin, and he is ready to seek professional treatment. It’s every parent’s wish to see their child heal and lead a pleasant and peaceful life.

Unfortunately, decisions change overnight. His decision may be fleeting, and in the worst-case scenario, he might wake up feeling different tomorrow. The only solution now is to enroll him for addiction treatment today to capitalize on his motivation in turning his life around. But here’s the catch, you probably haven’t had another experience admitting anyone else to drug rehab. Can you get him into a treatment program today? Here are the circumstances you might be looking at.

Emergency cases

In the case where your son has overdosed heroin, has developed psychiatric issues, or tried self-withdrawing heroin, he will qualify for non-negotiable same-day rehab admission. Most drug rehab centers admit patients facing life-threatening conditions despite their financial status, bed capacities, and other minor factors. The experts will admit your son until his situation stabilizes. After that, you will discuss the terms and conditions expected to meet before he can continue with treatment or get discharged.

In most cases, after stabilization, your son will continue receiving treatment and medication. Releasing a heroin addict after stabilization is likely unsafe given the potentially life-threatening episodes, ongoing drug abuse, and recurrent relapse incidences. Your son will be safer, extending the admission days and enrolling for a long-term addiction treatment program to deal with the crisis for once and for all.

Upon availability basis

If your son isn’t undergoing a medical emergency such as heroin overdose or psychiatric episodes, same-day admission at the rehab facility can still be a reality.

However, most drug rehabs operate on an availability basis. This means that the facility needs to check if there is enough bed capacity for your son and therapist to patients’ ratio must be sufficient. In summary, there doesn’t have to be an emergency for your son to qualify for same-day admittance to a rehab facility. There simply has to be the pass contact and luck that allows immediate availability at the treatment center.

Upon court order

In certain states, some high profiled individuals get ordered by the court to receive addiction treatment immediately. These high profiles individuals include people involved in drug crimes and violence-based accusations due to drug intoxication. If the court finds your son to be a danger to himself, you, or the society, he is liable for same-day admission. Most court-ordered programs are short-term and your son may be required to attend outpatient programs if no inpatient alternative is readily available.

Prevention of relapse incidences

Maintaining sobriety is undoubtedly one of the most challenging affairs after addiction treatment. It remains the worst fear among parents and spouses who have invested time, energy, and money into ensuring their loved ones gain proper attention at the rehab center. In some cases, patients do not have the dire medical need to enter the rehab center for treatment. However, they might need the environment to maintain sobriety either after full treatment or after detox. If the wait-lists are too long, individuals stand at a high risk of falling into relapse because they haven’t received therapy sessions necessary to tame their behaviors. In this case, if you explain your situation to the drug rehab administration, your son will qualify for same-day admittance and proceed to receive the rest of the treatment sessions.

What if same-day admission isn’t possible?

Unfortunately, same-day admissions for heroin treatment aren’t always straightforward. The admission process may prolong longer than expected. This, however, doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for support and treatment. Consider finding a private therapist to help your son cope with the temptations. You might also help him enroll in support groups that will motivate him to stay sober and change behavior. You could also take whatever treatment option is available at the drug rehab before open slots are out.

Same-day admittance is a perfect option to jump-start the recovery journey. You have to be well-prepared for the task at hand and rush your son as soon as the drug rehab confirms availability. Contact us today at 800-411-8019 and get the answers you need to give your son a helping hand in overcoming heroin addiction. We are here to help you today.