Is There a Cure for Alcohol Addiction?

Yes, there is a cure for alcohol addiction. Although very few individuals achieve sobriety. Many people manage to get through the first phase of attaining sobriety, but they fail during the relapse. Liquor addiction, also known as alcohol use disorder, is a chronic disease characterized by uncontrolled drinking and obsession with alcohol. In the United States of America, almost 14 million people are affected, the more significant percentage being teenagers under the age of 20 years. You can bear witness that once a person has grown too dependent on alcohol, they spend their time, energy, and money on it to the extent of forgetting about their daily responsibilities.

Alcohol addiction can lead to mental, social, and physical breakdown. Additionally, the consistent use of alcohol causes changes in your brain, and with time it will create a craving that makes it difficult to quit. Alcohol use disorder is characterized by the forceful, obsessive desire to get the liquor and use it. Even when it affects your body negatively, you still find a reason to keep drinking the whiskey.

Treatment Rules

The national institute on drug abuse has provided several rules to guide you through an effective alcohol disorder treatment. These principles include; first, despite alcohol addiction problems being complicated, it is treated with cooperation from you and the expertise. Secondly, getting through alcohol addiction involves counselling and medications, which most people find annoying and time-wasting, although they work out quite well for some people. The third principle allowing yourself to be monitored from time to time because there will be a time you will relapse.

The urge to consume alcohol can overpower you, getting you back to square one. Supervised treatment is the first step of getting treatment; however, not the only first step. Last but not least, is being consistent with your treatment program. Inconsistency is never an option on the road of quitting alcoholism. If you want to make progress, you have to be constant for some time. For example, you can take a break from your healthy life, enrol in a rehab centre voluntarily, and work on becoming a better person.


Medication is the first option families should select for loved ones struggling with addiction. Remember that addiction is a result of deprived health due to body components and organs affected by excess alcohol and the use of drugs. Therefore, the victims of addiction need to begin their journey by seeking professional health to receive prescription medication that will help fight the symptoms of addiction. Typically, the first stage of treatment is medically assisted detoxification. Here, an individual receives treatment procedures that flush out the excess alcohol, drugs, and other associated elements out of the body.

The treatment also involves medication that suppresses withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. Also, patients receive treatment that assists in establishing the normal brain function, thereby decreasing cravings. Medication for substance and alcohol abuse is a full-support system as it consists of different classes of drugs for diverse purposes. Remember that there is no right treatment for all addicts. Addiction comes with contrasting symptoms; therefore, the best decision for families is to seek medical assistance for their loved ones.


As mentioned earlier, addiction comes with different symptoms. Some of the common challenges associated with alcohol and substance abuse include anxiety, severe depression, anger, episodes of hyperactivity, paranoia, and so forth. Such symptoms require different psychological therapies. One of the crucial ones is the Cognitive-behavioral therapy which assists patients in dealing with negative thoughts and behaviors. Motivational Interviewing is another critical therapy for treating addiction. Alcohol and drug addicts desire their normal healthy life, but it is a challenging task because they are dealing with a disease. Similar to patients with other illnesses, drug addicts need motivation so they can keep remembering their desire to concur addiction. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is crucial for helping patients tolerate periods of distress and control their emotions. With addiction, it is quite often to overreact in a multitude of circumstances. All the therapies provide psychological support that a patient needs, which is a critical part of addiction treatment.

Dealing with alcohol and substance addiction is not a walk in the park. Often, society gives the cold shoulder to victims of addiction, which is unfortunate and wrong. Everyone knows someone who is addicted to alcohol and drugs, whether a family member, relative, or friend. Such individuals need help, love, and support. One way to assist them is by seeking medical advice and providing emotional support. We are an organization that has all it takes to restore the health of loved ones struggling with addiction. Do not hesitate because we are one call away from providing efficient medical, therapeutic, and emotional assistance. Call us today at 833-820-2922!

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