Is Entire Abstinence the Only Way to End Addiction?

When dealing with addiction, the severity of your condition is a factor to consider. For severe cases of addiction, entire abstinence is among the safest ways to deal with the addiction. In this post we’ll start by explaining how addiction works at a physiologically and emotionally deep level, identifying the types of drugs that are most associated with addicts.

Additionally, we will outline how abstinence can improve addiction recovery through increasing self-control and comprehension, along with other benefits that you might find interesting. It then closes out by identifying proponents for abstinence who can offer alternatives such as substitution or harm reduction programs.

In addition to understanding the differences between various degrees of addiction severity, it is important to identify the types of drugs that most likely cause addiction; in terms of the number of people addicted to a particular drug, heroin and alcohol top the list. Each of these drugs has a high potential for addiction because they produce an intense high that requires repeated use.

What is Abstinence?

Abstinence refers to a state of not taking drugs; this is usually used in parallel with the term “abstinence-based” programs, which rely solely on abstinence and do not use any other strategy such as substituting one drug with another.

How Can You Commit to Abstinence?

The second step is to stop using drugs; this can be a hard decision to make, especially if you are addicted to a powerful substance such as heroin or alcohol. Finally, once you’ve made the decision, tell someone about it who can offer support and encouragement throughout your journey.

How Can Abstinence Help You?

There are many ways in which total abstinence can improve your overall health and chances for recovery. People who are addicted to substances tend to suffer from many ailments. For example, a study conducted on intravenous drug users found that the main health concerns they experienced were related to the heart, lungs and gastrointestinal system. Abstinence can help you greatly if you’re concerned about your addiction. It is the only sure way to recover from addiction in every situation completely.

With abstinence, you can avoid relapsing and becoming consumed with the drug again. If a person has a problem with addiction, it usually means that they tend to get caught up in their addiction. They can’t seem to get away from their addiction no matter how hard they try. To break free from this addiction cycle, they must commit themselves completely. Choosing total abstinence will help them break free forever.

Is Entire Abstinence the Only Available Option?

Many addicts who have gone through substance abuse treatment programs feel comfortable committing to abstinence because they have realized the benefits of using drugs and alcohol. So, many of them are surprised to learn that they can do better without relapsing. They find that they can live a healthy and fulfilling life without relying on alcohol or drugs at every opportunity; this is the main reason why so many people who have been through rehabilitation programs feel comfortable committing to this method to recover from their addiction.

While there may have been a time when dependence on drugs or alcohol was a great way to cope with difficulties, it is no longer the case. A person who has learned the hard lesson of addiction will realize that they can become sober and happy without using drugs to make themselves feel better. Instead, they will learn to cope with difficulties in positive ways that don’t involve substance abuse.

Always Make Commitments and Stick to Them

A person needs to stick with the commitments they make to themselves. What many addicts have realized is that whole abstinence from drugs and alcohol is the best way for them to recover from addiction, and this realization has led them to stick with this method. Many people have found that sticking with their decision to become sober can easily help them recover from their addiction. Are you ready to get started? We’re here to accord you the assistance you need. Call us today at 833-820-2922.