Is Addiction On The Rise in Ohio?

While Ohio may be known for its rollercoasters and stunning scenery, its opioid crisis continues to make headlines nationwide. Today, its high rates of drug overdose are overshadowing its reputation as a fun-loving, gorgeous state. In recent years,

Ohio has seen a drastic increase in drug overdoses, many of which are associated with opioids like heroin, carfentanil, and fentanyl. Because of the ongoing drug crisis, with many people struggling with addiction, overdoses, and an increasing number of opiate-related deaths, state and federal government agencies, as well as private healthcare organizations, are trying to provide more readily accessible and affordable treatment options, such as hotlines, local recovery support groups, and drug rehab centers. Here are some suggestions for getting the help and support you need in Ohio if you’re struggling with a substance abuse addiction.

Ask for Help

A disease like addiction starts off as a recreational activity or a way to relieve stress, but then as your body requires increasingly higher doses to feel euphoric, your dependence on an illicit or prescription drug increases over time. Consequently, getting help for addiction often begins by seeking treatment from a physician or therapist. Psychology and medicine classify addiction as a disease that affects the mind, the body, and the spirit because it can negatively impact every aspect of your life.

Addiction not only fills your mind with self-critical thoughts, but it also leads to increasing self-destructive behavior. You should make an appointment with your doctor or a psychotherapist even if you believe you can drop your cravings with a little willpower. Also, ask your family and friends for emotional support as you embark on your recovery journey.

Find a Good Rehab Center

Rehab drug treatment centers provide services to help people regain their independence from any substance abuse addiction. However, the quality of care offered at different centers varies significantly. Although it’s challenging to find a reputable treatment facility, it’s an essential step for your recovery. Since breaking your craving for a mood-enhancing illicit drug or prescription medication is a complex process, the best rehab facilities usually offer patients a multidisciplinary team to help them heal.

Through medication for detoxification and therapy to rebuild your self-esteem, an outpatient or inpatient rehab center can treat and manage your addiction. However, the success of your recovery depends on finding the right therapy, detox programs, and support services to heal and start living a healthy life.

Questions to Ask When Seeking Treatment

You need to ask the right questions when contacting rehab facilities to see if they can provide the services you need at an affordable price. Here are some examples of the questions you should ask when speaking with an admissions counselor:

  • What treatment options do you offer? Drug rehabs in Ohio offer a variety of treatment options. These include detox and therapy, as well as educational opportunities.
  • What type of insurance coverage will I need to pay for treatment? Most drug rehabs accept a variety of insurance types, including Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance. Additionally, there are many other types of insurance coverage as well as medical assistance to cover the cost of treatment.
  • Could you please provide me with a breakdown of the costs? People struggling with addiction often turn to drug rehabs to work through their addictions and learn how to live a new life without substance abuse. This is not an easy decision to make because the cost of treatment varies from one facility to another. As there are no standardized fees, some facilities can charge upwards of $12,000 for a 30-day program. However, they are not overcharging because you get what you pay for. So, it’s up to you to decide how much you can afford based on how much financing you can get for your treatment.
  • What amenities do you offer? Rehabilitation centers offer a range of services. Some provide intensive treatment while others provide long-term care facilities. Some focus on holistic care while others focus on medically assisted detox program. Some provide standard therapy, such as individual and group therapy, while others provide animal-assisted therapies, also known as pet therapy, which uses dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, and other pets to improve recovery outcomes. Some facilities offer standard amenities while others go out of their way to make you feel comfortable because you will feel particularly vulnerable as you go through therapy and detox.

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