Is a Holistic Drug Rehab As Effective As Traditional Rehab?

It takes plenty of courage and strength to admit and confront addiction, and it is never easy. Whether you are looking to make positive changes in your life by confronting a growing addiction, or if you have battled addictions your entire life, finding the right rehabilitation program is key for long-term success and real-life results. When you are contemplating a rehabilitation program, the various options can cause you to feel confused or stressed out quickly if you do not know what you need. With traditional inpatient rehabilitation centers, standard outpatient programs, and even holistic drug rehab solutions, the choices can quickly become overwhelming. Knowing what both holistic and traditional rehab centers or programs offer is the first step to committing to a long-term goal and plan that you can achieve.

Is a Holistic Drug Rehab As Effective As Traditional Rehab?

To determine whether a holistic drug rehab is as effective as a traditional rehab solution, it is first important to distinguish the difference between the two program types. Now all traditional or holistic rehab programs operate similarly, so it is always important to conduct your due diligence before choosing a rehabilitation center or treatment facility that is optimal for your needs and the severity of the addiction you are working to overcome.

Traditional Rehab Programs

A traditional rehab program may include both standard inpatient and outpatient services. Some of the most common types of services provided with traditional rehab inpatient programs include:

  • Supervised Detox: Medically-monitored and supervised detoxing is imperative for anyone who is struggling with a severe or life-threatening addiction.
  • Counseling: Meeting regularly with addiction counselors is a way to unearth potential traumas and triggers that are linked with your current and past addictions.
  • Group Meetings: Group therapy sessions are helpful for those who are in need of support and socialization with others who can relate to their own situations. Learn to listen and empathize with others. Spend time sharing your story in a sanctuary that is free from judgment and shaming.
  • Case Management: Most traditional inpatient rehab facilities also provide a case manager for each individual in need of care. Case managers help to facilitate any requests or inquiries you have throughout the duration of your stay.

Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

Holistic drug rehab programs may operate in a similar manner to traditional facilities and programs, but they often include alternative methods of healing and when approaching addiction. Some unique programs that may be provided from a holistic drug program and not from a standard inpatient rehabilitation facility include:

  • Tai Chi/Yoga
  • Meditation: Meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure, regulate thoughts, and provide more time for introspection and self-reflection. Using meditation is also a great way to relax, unwind, and alleviate anxiety while working through the addiction recovery process.
  • Art Therapy
  • Nutritional Therapy: Relearn how to provide your body with proper nutrition with every meal you consume. Learn how to read and interpret nutritional labels, shop for fresh grocery ingredients, and plan your meals for every day of the week. Nutritional therapy provides individuals with mental and physical addictions a method of maintaining a sense of control in their lives while simultaneously eliminating the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Counseling Sessions
  • Spiritual Counseling/Spiritual Guidance Sessions
  • Acupuncture/Alternative Medicine: Alternative medicine techniques including Acupuncture may also be introduced and used in a holistic drug rehab setting or environment.

While some forms of therapy may not be available with standard inpatient rehab centers, some activities such as Yoga, meditation, and art therapy are typically found throughout most inpatient facilities and programs. Ultimately, holistic drug rehab programs may be just as effective as traditional rehabilitation treatment centers, especially if they provide similar programs, routines, and guidelines as traditional inpatient facilities. Whether you prefer a more holistic approach to facing and overcoming your addiction or if you would rather stick to traditional rehabilitation methods, there are many rehab programs available to choose from today. Are you looking for a way to beat your addiction for good? Are you unsure of whether you will thrive more in a traditional or holistic drug rehab environment? Our counselors can help you to find a program that is right for you are available 24/7 to take your call, whether you require long-term care or aftercare resources. Contact us today at 800-411-8019 for more information on rehab programs available near you today.