How Many Times Must Someone Go Through Rehab to Stay Sober?

Once we\’ve accepted the reality that we have a problem with drugs or alcohol, the goal is to stop drinking or using. However, living a clean and sober life doesn\’t happen just by snapping our fingers or wishing it to be true. We have to put forth effort one day at a time.

Anyone with a problem with drugs or alcohol should strongly consider a treatment program. But, are treatment programs a guarantee for staying sober? Unfortunately, they are not. Statistics show that sadly a percentage of people must repeat treatment programs before they finally achieve consistent sobriety.

So, is there a magic number for how many times someone must go through rehab to stay sober? The actual truth is once. If you\’ve relapsed or know someone who has, you probably raised an eyebrow in doubt. But it\’s the truth.

Treatment programs are structured to teach you how to live drug and alcohol free. But they are not guarantees. There are tools that every single person who completes a treatment program are gifted. You have to use them. Here are three vital things you can do to become one of the wonderful group called one-chip-wonders.

Do the Work

Rarely in your recovery journey will anyone issue an ultimatum or a mandate. The work necessary to change your way of living is based on the proven experience of others. This road of recovery has been paved by this experience.

These experiences are handed down by professional counselors, addiction therapists and fellow alcoholics and addicts. They are suggestions for the work you need to do to stay clean and sober. But, think of it like the cord on a parachute.

No one makes you pull it when you jump out of an airplane, but it\’s probably a pretty good suggestion you do. Recovery is very much like that analogy. There are a number of suggestions that your will be encouraged to do. Some take some effort.

Recovery is much like life itself. You will get out of it what you put in to it. People with years of sobriety under their belt will share thoughts about working their program. The funny thing is, after a while it will no longer even seem like work.

Doing the work in recovery means you need to follow suggestions and put forth the effort. There is no magic wand anyone can wave over your head to guarantee your sobriety. However, if you will put forth as much effort to stay clean and sober as you did to use and drink, there\’s a decent chance you won\’t need to return for another rehab stay.

Stay Connected

Many people in recovery, those who completed a treatment program and even those who did not, share another cautious tale. Invariably, thousands of clean and sober people decided to step away from meetings or daily commitments to support their recovery.

They lost their connection to their goals. Many things can contribute to this lost connection. You may stop reading recovery material, reduce or stop going to recovery meetings, or stop calling like-minded friends in recovery.

There is an end result, proven to be in direct proportion to how connected an alcoholic or drug addict stays to their recovery program. The farther you drift away, the closer you inch towards a relapse. We\’re sorry for the disappointing news, but it\’s true.

This doesn\’t mean you must go to multiple meetings a day or spend hours in a recovery focused meditative state. But you must stay connected to your recovery. That will be different for everyone. However, staying connected is of key importance in avoiding a return to rehab.

Just for Today

Another story often told by alcoholics and drug addicts who relapsed after treatment is how they tried to perceive staying clean and sober for the rest of their lives. The rest of your life, especially if you are young in recovery, can seem like an eternity.

People in the recovery community hear the suggestion to keep it simple, time and time again. This is one place you must keep it simple by keeping it focused on the single day at hand. This doesn\’t mean set a weekly work schedule or dream about taking a vacation.

It means to follow all the suggestions and take the necessary precautions to stay sober for just for 24-hours. Don\’t worry about drinking or using tomorrow. Sadly, the statistics prove that could happen.

But, if you focus your attention on not picking up a drink or a drug just today, your chances of avoiding a relapse are good. Staying clean and sober for years can seem like a huge undertaking, especially in early sobriety. However, just for today isn\’t hard at all.

How many times you have to go through rehab depends on one person, no one else. If you develop a mindset that you will go to any lengths to stay clean and sober, you skyrocket your chances for never having to relapse.

To become one of the miracles that only needed a single rehab experience, practice these three suggestions diligently. Someone who does these may still relapse. But the fact is you don\’t have to.

If you\’re still out their fighting a substance abuse problem without help, take a step to change your life forever. Ask for help because it\’s there and waiting. Once you begin your journey in recovery, work hard, stay connected, and remember you just have to stay sober today. Call us today at 833-820-2922.

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