How long is drug rehab?

After months or years of battling drug or alcohol addiction, you owe it to yourself to get off the addiction Ferris wheel. Given enough time, your addiction will take your heart, soul, and maybe someday your life.

The good news is you can choose to get out of the cycle of addiction at any time. When you are ready, you will want to start looking for a drug and alcohol rehab that can help you recover from the disease of addiction. As you contemplate how to stop using drugs or drinking, you might start asking yourself questions about the recovery process.

That would be a very normal thing for anyone to do. One question that might pop into your mind is how long will I need to stay in the drug rehab facility? Before trying to answer that question, you need to know there are several factors that will play a role in how long you will need to go through treatment. Those factors include:

  • the amount of time you have been spending in the cycle of addiction
  • The actual substances you have been abusing
  • The frequency of your drug/alcohol abuse
  • The number of drugs you are taking or the alcohol you are drinking per instance of abuse
  • The circumstances that surround your substance abuse

In the following discussion about how long treatment will take, we will talk in general terms since we don’t know the specifics of your addiction.

How Long Will Addiction Treatment Take

The right answer to this question it will take as long as it needs to take. Time should matter little when considering the seriousness of you having to live life with an addiction. Realistically, you might have to start treatment in a detox program. If that were to be the case, you would likely spend 5 to 7 days dealing with withdrawal symptoms. You need this time to clear your body and mind so you can focus on therapy. Since some withdrawal symptoms can be very dangerous, you also need the protection of a good detox program.

Once you start therapy, you will have some control over how much time you need to be working with a therapist. If you are open and honest, you can probably get through rehab in about 30 to 60 days. If not, you might need to stay in treatment for as long as it takes for you to secure sobriety and find yourself soundly on the road to recovery. If that were to take 90 to 180 days, that’s a commitment you would need to make so you can recover.

While in therapy, you will need to work on the whys. The whys refer to the reasons you got caught up in the cycle of addiction in the first place. No one becomes an addict or alcoholic because they want to. It usually happens because the addiction sufferer feels the need to hide behind some form of substance abuse. As you work on finding the driving forces behind your addiction, you will learn certain truths about yourself and your addiction. These truths will lead you to do the things you need to do to recover from your addiction.

Most of the time, clients just need to build better coping skills in order to deal with life on life’s terms. With a stronger set of coping and life skills, clients can learn how to navigate through and around triggers and temptation. This is absolutely necessary for all clients who want to avoid a lifetime of chronic relapses. The point is you should be committed to treatment until you know the truth about your addiction and have the coping skills you will need to stay clean.

If it takes 180 days, that will be the best investment you could possibly make for the rest of your life. Before you concern yourself with how long it will take you to recover from your addiction, you first have to be willing to admit you are sick. If you can do that, it will be easier for you to ask for help. When you are ready to ask for help, we hope you will do that by calling us at 833-820-2922. With your initial call, we can tell you about our treatment facility and the addiction treatment services we can provide. After doing that, we would like to extend you an invitation to report to rehab and start fighting back against your addiction.