How Long Are Drug Rehab Programs?

Drug rehab can mean many different things. In some instances, rehab is an in-house or inpatient program that completely removes patients from the stressors, unhealthy environments, and other triggers that support their addictions for an extended period of time. In other cases, outpatient treatment can provide the necessary guidance and support for battling substance use disorder while maintaining a job and handling daily responsibilities at home. The vast range of treatment options that people currently have access to makes it possible for each person to find the perfect plan and environment for his or her unique needs.

Statistically, longer options in inpatient drug rehab tend to have the highest rates of success. These are programs that typically last 90 days or longer. These treatments are designed to give clients ample time away from toxic environments, codependent relationships, and other challenges that might impede their progress. As a result, participants have adequate time to build better-coping skills, learn more about the underlying causes of their addictions, obtain treatment for co-occurring disorders, and establish solid life plans and goals among many other things.

What Is The Best Treatment Length For You?

The longer that you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol, and the more drugs or alcohol that you’ve used over time; the longer your rehab program should ultimately be. People with extensive histories of drug use tend to fare best with treatment that spans at least 60 to 90 days. With comprehensive inpatient plans, these individuals have an excellent chance of maintaining their sobriety over the long-term. Programs of this length are also recommended for anyone who has tried formal recovery before but was unable to remain on track.

It is additionally important to note that treatment can extend well beyond 90 days for those who need it. For instance, if you reach the end of your treatment plan and feel as though you’re still struggling with addiction or addiction-related issues, you can work with your case manager to extend your stay. Certain programs can last six months to one full year. Throughout this time, patients have guaranteed housing, access to medical support, the benefit of both private and group therapy, and the ability to engage in a variety of self-improvement and life-planning workshops among many other things. Once people are able to acclimate to the treatment environment, they find that their time spent in drug rehab is both enjoyable and incredibly productive.

There are times, however, when shorter programs are the best choice for patients. For example, you may be worried about how you’ll manage your work-related and familial responsibilities while receiving treatment. Although protecting and improving your health should always be a top priority, these are common concerns that can prevent people from reaching out for the help they desperately need. This is one of many reasons why the available options in drug rehab are designed to be flexible and sufficiently accommodating for meeting a broad range of needs. You may be able to benefit from short-term treatment if you have only struggled with substance use disorder for a very short period of time and if you have used a relatively modest amount of drugs. During the screening process, you can talk about your usage history, your past efforts in treatment, and some of the practical challenges that you’re facing when committing to treatment. Short-Term treatment can last just 30 days and can include detoxification and withdrawal support, group and individual counseling, and goal-setting among other services.

What many people discover during treatment, however, is that recovery is actually a lifelong process. Although your journey to wellness will start as soon as you enter your chosen rehab center, you may find yourself dealing with random bouts of temptation and craving for a very long time. This is why ongoing, outpatient support is always recommended, even for those who are steadfast in their resolve to never use drugs or alcohol again. Ultimately, finding the right treatment center for your circumstances and your needs is one of the very first and most important steps in achieving a happy, healthier life. If you’re ready to reclaim your life and regain your personal freedom, we’re always here to help. Call us today at 800-411-8019 to learn more about the available options in drug and alcohol rehab, and to find the perfect program for you.