How long are drug rehab programs?

Professional rehab services are essential to overcoming a years’ long drug addiction. Before you check yourself into a recovery program, however, you wonder how long it will take for you to complete it. You want to know how long you will be away from your home, job, and family. The amount of time that you spend in a drug rehab program will depend on a variety of factors like what kind of insurance you have and how severe your drug addiction is.

Before you enter a drug rehab program, you will meet with the admissions staff and undergo a consultation with them. This consultation will reveal to you key details like for how many days or weeks that your health insurance will pay for your treatment. You can also find out how full the program is and how long participants remain in it on average. Based on these details, you can get an idea for how long that you can receive treatment.

Health Insurance Factors

Private health insurance providers often will pay for policyholders to undergo professional drug rehab programs. They cover most or all of the costs associated with clients’ recoveries. Clients only have to pay their deductibles on their health insurance policies. However, health insurers will not pay for endless days in a recovery program and many times will limit for how long people can remain in treatment. The admissions team at the program that you want to enter can contact your health insurer and find out for how long that the company will cover your costs. Based on that information, the medical and therapy team assigned to you can devise a treatment plan that can be carried out within that time frame.

Patients who do not have health insurance face different admissions circumstances, however. You are not necessarily barred from getting treatment. However, you will have to work out a plan to cover your costs during the time that you receive services. Some programs offer services on a sliding fee scale, which means that you can get treatment that is based on how much money that you earn. You will make payments that are in line with your income and not too much for you to afford. If you have no income at all, you could receive services at no cost, especially if the facility is subsidized heavily by the government and is designated as a county or city drug addiction treatment center.

Severity of Addiction

Another factor that will influence how long that you stay in drug rehab involves the severity of your addiction. If you have suffered from the addiction for decades and cannot function normally each day without drugs, you could remain in treatment for longer than someone who uses drugs on a recreational basis. Likewise, the length of your stay in rehab will depend on the state of your overall health. During your time in the program, you will be assigned both a medical and therapy team. Your medical team will consist of doctors and nurses who will assess your overall health. If you have drug-related health issues like anemia, hepatitis or cirrhosis, you could remain in the facility longer to stabilize these illnesses and begin treatment for them. You will remain under your medical team’s care until your health stabilizes or you are referred to an outside medical provider who can take over your care.

The length of time that you spend in a drug rehab program will depend on a variety of factors, some of which are beyond your control. You are subject to circumstances like what kind of health coverage that you have and for how long the insurer will pay for your treatment. Your stay might also be impacted if you have no health insurance at all. Your income likewise will play a role in the length of your treatment and what kinds of services are needed to restore your health and lead you to recovery. Before you enter the program, you will meet with an admissions team that will consider all of these factors and advise you on how long that you might undergo treatment. Your stay will be individualized to your particular situation.

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